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WW2 German M36 Combat Tunic

A German infantry M36 tunic in excellent condition coming complete with its correct early infantry white piped shoulderboards.
Becoming very hard to find now the M36 was the first pattern of German soldiers tunic worn at the beginning of WW2 & in some cases right through until the end.
This 1941 depot stamped example is in excellent condition & of a very good mannequin size. The machine stitched collar litzen are original period sewn to the tunic & directly sewn to the collar . Upon close examination of the front & reverse of the collar there is clear evidence of this being the only ever applied pair. They have the universal all branch dark green stripes used from around the 1941 period onwards. Breast eagle is wartime period applied on a dark green backing & has been professionally hand sewn directly to the tunic & not through the lining. The dark green felt backing is most likely tailor applied & with the addition of a leather dagger port to the interior of the tunic this would suggest it was worn at a best dress occasion such as a wedding.
Partially lined to interior in cotton twill the depot inspectors mark & date of 'E.41' are ink stamped to the right interior breast fly. The leather dagger port is well executed to lower left pocket interior , this was not standard as issued so would have been added by a tailor at the preference of the owner.
Shoulder boards are of the correct dark green M36 slip on type with white piping & a small moth nip to one edge. Both boards are matching with one having slightly faded out due to sunlight. One small moth hole to rear right elbow area.
Overall an excellent moth free tunic & one of the last of the M36 patterns to be made.

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WW2 German M36 Combat Tunic ***Additional Pictures***

***Additional pictures***

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WW2 German Dfh.b Panzer Headphones 1943

A totally correct set of headphones for Panzer use these are the Dfh.b model with 1943 dated headphones. These replaced the earlier Dfh.d model as radio equipment became more advanced .
With many postwar derivatives & 'put togethers' offered on the collectors market today it is refreshing to see that this set are fitted with correct leather reinforcement where the cord meets the headphone, correct round headed screws to bracket & no black stripes within the cord. The fitted plug is also wartime correct for this headset.
In very good condition the maker name of 'SABA' appears to one of the side arms with the correct Panzer designation 'Dfh.b' to the other. Both headphones are marked the same with the date '43'.

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WW2 German Panzer Throatmikes ( Kmfb Late War/Assault Gunners Model Switchbox)

A set of Panzer Throat Mikes with late war switchbox these have their original wiring & leather covered neck arm.
Most commonly associated with throat mikes for field phones this type of switchbox was seen on Panzer style mikes late on in the war. They were also used by Assault Gun Commanders. Due to the limited numbers produced not many have survived today with far less made than their normally seen pressel switchbox counterpart.
This set has a small rubber sleeve mounted to the lead which reads ' L380 44' the last two digits most likely being the date.
The plug has been removed from this recently surfaced set.

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WW2 US 'D-Day' Assault Gas Mask Bag

A scarce original M7 gas mask carrier issued to assault troops for the D Day Landings in June 1944.
These were made from neoprene covered canvas to make them waterproof & had a roll top opening fastened by snap studs.
Marked to front with US markings all straps are intact & rubber with no perishing . Some rust to metal fittings which is the case with most original examples. Internal loop to inside for Anti Dimming stick.
Classic D D ay item.

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WW2 German M42 Non Decalled Combat Helmet

A superb German M42 'raw edge' combat helmet made in the mid to late war period with no decal.
Still with its totally original slate grey factory finish the helmet shell is marked with the maker & size stamp of 'NS66' for the firm Vereinigte Deutsche Nikelwerke . The outside of the shell has abrasions & scuffing to the paint indicative of combat wear , there are also traces of tan paint on the helmet which may indicate a subtle camouflage scheme at one time.
All three liner pins are totally undisturbed with its liner being the original factory issue never out of the helmet. This is undamaged condition with some sweat staining.
Overall a superb combat helmet as worn by the German soldier in the mid to late war period.

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WW2 German 6 X 30 Dienstglas Binoculars ( Made In Occupied Poland , OPW , Warschau )

A very good pair of German 6 X 30 'Dienstglas' made in German occupied Poland with the code 'OPW, Warschau' .
In excellent condition this pair have the German 'Dienstglas' nomenclature to right plate with serial number '53623' . Most productions from this maker fall within this '53' range .
Complete with their buttoning tab & neck strap both bear the waffenamt eagle & swastika inspection marking to the leather.
Optics are good .

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WW2 German Iron Cross First Class Convex Screwback

A very good Iron Cross First Class convexed & with screwback.
Maker numbered '16' to reverse for the firm 'Steinhauer & Luck' & with almost all of its central black finish remaining .
Becoming harder to find convex versions now most screwbacks seen tending to be of the flat back designs.

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WW2 US British Made 1944 Dated Canteen Cover With '44 Dated Cup & Mug

Very nice 'British Made' US canteen cover dated 1944 with 1944 dated mug & cup.
Many items of US equipment were made by the British for US forces under the lendlease agreement .
In excellent condition .

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WW2 US Doughboy Pack Complete with Meatcan Pouch & Pack Roll

A complete Doughboy pack that appears to have always been together coming complete with meatcan pouch & pack roll.
A well field used piece & hard to find with all of its components.

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