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WW2 German 10 X 80 Flak Optics In Original Transit Box

A wonderful set of the desirable '10 X 80 Flak Fernrohrer' coming complete in their original three letter maker coded & 1941 dated box of issue. These were in use at German Flak batteries & positions on the coast & inland hence are very sought after today .
This set is comprised of the following pieces:
1941 Dated Transit Box
10 X 80 Flak Binoculars
Top Aiming Sight
Mounting Cradle
Mounting Turn Table
Rubber DRGM Marked Eyepad
Rain Shields
A Non Standard Tripod Mount

A near complete set it is very hard to find alot of these components individually the actual binoculars being the most available piece in todays market. The often missing aiming sight which goes on top of the binoculars is still present here this being in good condition complete with mounting rail.
Binoculars are factory coded 'dkl' for the firm Josef Schneider with the designation ' D.F 10X80' & serial number ' 18231' .
The first factory paint was applied in dark blue grey to all components with a later overpaint in battleship grey to everything other than the binoculars. These were overpainted in black but with the markings still left as visible. Optics are good with no cracks or chips to the lenses.
Rubber facepiece is in surprisingly very good condition with the 'DRGM' marking visible to the rubber. The perspex window to mounting cradle is slightly distorted at one end ( See pictures ) .
It is interesting to note that they come with a non standard tripod mount which once all setup displays very effectively indeed.
**** Delivery/Dropoff options to be agreed***

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WW2 10th Princess Marys Own Gurkha Rifle Slouch Hat

A rare slouch hat from the 10th Princess Marys Own Gurkha Rifles who served in the Far East in 1942 at Burma & Imphal as well as during the Italian campaign in the latter part of the war.
In quite excellent condition this hat is broad arrow marked to its leather sweatband with the date 1943 clearly visible. Its puggaree is intact with hunting stewart tartan mounted badge of the 10th affixed to its side. In excellent condition there are only a few very small non serious moth nips noticeable upon close inspection.
It is of note that the Hunting Stewart tartan backing of the Royal Scots was worn by the 10th Princess Marys Own Gurkha Rifles as they were trained by them prior to 1895.

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WW2 German MP40 Magazine Pouch 1942

A very good 1942 dated MP40 magazine pouch in thick green canvas & with brown leather fittings.
This pouch is a classic example with both of its original belt loops to rear marked with the first having waffenamt stamp , maker code 'jsd' & date '1942' . The second loop has the weapon designation 'MP38 U 40' .
Its thick heavy gauge stitching is distinct with 'nippled' pocket fastening studs to front. Stitching to loading tool pouch is intact.
The D ring side strap for fastening of the equipment straps is in the smooth rayon type weave this being totally original to the manufacture of the pouch. As the war went on different materials were often utilised to make combat equipment the emphasis being on necessity rather than uniformity.
A fantastic item & nice to see dated & well marked.

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WW2 German M36 Straight Leg Combat Trousers

Rare pair of the M36 straight legged trousers the 1936 pattern being the first style worn by the German soldier until their replacement in 1943.
This is an excellent pair with all buttons remaining to fly & pockets & 'PRYM' marked buckle fastener to rear waistband. These are a mixture of green glass & metal dished buttons with only a couple of replacements.
Maker ink stamp to inside waist for 'LAGO' which indicates a consortium of makers working together to meet one large order.
In a good average size the waist measures approx 32-34inches with an approx 32in inside leg. There are a few expected moth nips although minor with one patch repair to the rear backside area.
Nearly impossible to find now in anything near good condition.

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WW1 British 'Lifeguard' Trench Periscope

An near mint example of the Lifeguard 1915 Patent Periscope made by F.Duerr & Sons, Manchester .
These were privately purchased by officers to be used as trench periscopes with the threat of enemy snipers ever present.
Contained within a pop stud fastened canvas case this example comes complete with the rarely encountered instruction sheet on its brown paper mirror packaging. Looking to have never been used a very high proportion of its plating is still present with no damage to mirrors & the coloured 'Duerr' motif in strikingly good order. Both belt loops are intact to the rear of the case .
An excellent example.

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WW2 German Luftwaffe Mapcase 1937

A fantastic condition very well marked brown leather luftwaffe mapcase from the early war period with luftwaffe inspection marking 'L.B.A.B.37' marking of the Luftwaffen Bekleidungsamt Berlin 1937 ' There also the mapcase manufacturer markings & date of 'Otto Koberstein , Landsberg 1937 overstamped in ink with the luftwaffe depot unit markings of the unit it was supplied to 'KdtrTrav 1939' . To top off the plethora of markings the owner has scribbled his name along the top of the flap underside ' Wolfgang Miede ' .
All stitching is firm & intact as well as the original often missing carrying strap still present.

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WW2 British 5th North Staffs Anti Aircraft Home Guard Battledress 1940

A 1940 dated '37 pattern battledress to a member of the 5th Battalion, North Staffs Home Guard who were serving as Anti Aircraft personnel protecting American troops in the area just prior to the D Day Landings.
A large sized BD this example has clothing label stating it was made by 'Universal Clothing Co ( Kingsland ) Ltd , EC1 London ' .
All of the insignia is very crudely soldier hand applied with thick khaki thread of the period, it is always interesting to note the different styles of 'soldiers sewing' original battledress. Both sleeves have embroidered Home Guard shoulder titles with printed 'NS 5' patches & the badge of the Anti Aircraft Command. This man was also a veteran of the first world war as indicated by the War & Victory medal ribbons to left breast.
In overall excellent condition this battledress only recently surfaced & is a true 'sleeper' in every sense of the word.

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WW2 German MP40 Magazine Pouch

An MP40 magazine pouch in green canvas & with black leather fittings .
Displaying all of the typical features one would expect to see on an original example this pouch dates from around the midwar period onwards & is in excellent used condition. The visible wear marks left behind by the constant carriage of magazines can be seen to the underside of each flap. All stitching is still firm & belt loops are intact to the rear with only some displacement of surface leather to each loop.
Only very faint traces of the ink stamped weapon designation can be seen along the top back at rear where the lower part of '40' can just about be made out . This would , at one time , have read 'MP38U40' .
Excellent item of combat equipment .

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WW2 German 6 X 30 Dienstglas Binoculars In Bakelite Case

A set of the 6 X 30 Dienstglas binoculars coming complete with original leather neckstrap & dark brown bakelite carrying case.
Maker coded 'eso' for the firm Rodenstock with blue circle. . Also graticule marked 'H/6400' which is very crisply visible when looked through. Serial number '230382' with 'Dienstglas 6 X 30 ' designation intact , these are often scratched out on other encountered examples.
Complete with their bakelite lense cap & carrying case the front pull tab & rear belt loops are complete & undamaged.

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WW1 US Gas Mask In Haversack

A fine example of the scarce 1917 pattern First World War US soldiers 'ASBR' gas mask or American Small Box Respirator complete with haversack & record card .
Americas late entry into the war required a wide issue of equipment to her troops including the threat of gas attack having to be considered. This was a copy of the British Box Respirator & is very similar in appearance.
Facepiece is of rubberised fabric & now very brittle so it could not be put on a head for display. Hosepipe is also hard. Card envelope containing instructions for use is present.
Carrying haversack is in very good condition with soldiers unit of the 52nd Pioneer Infantry, AEF ( American Expeditionary Force ) & initials drawn to the front & back.
Overall a scarce piece of WW1 US Doughboy equipment.

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