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WW1 British Tank Crew Face Mask

These iconic chainmail face masks were issued to British tank crewmen in WW1 to protect against splinters & bullet splash which were an ever present hazard within the confines of Britains early tanks.
Available as of November 1917 it consisted of a leather covered two part metal plate with slitted eyepieces & a chainmail face guard . To the face side of the mask was a cotton wool lined soft chamois leather covering handstitched at its outer edges where the outer covering meets the inner. Two head ties are stitched to the side brackets.
In overall very good condition & a rare item of WW1 British protective headgear.

Code: 8496Price: 2200.00 GBP

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WW2 German MG34 Optical Sight & Carrying Box

A German Mg34 optical sight coming complete with carrying tin in its original factory green paint.
These sights were mounted on the MG34 Lafette stand & are a must to complete a fully complete MG setup. With its rare original non damaged rubber eyecup, the optics are clear and clean with good crisp inverted chevron. Present to the body of the optic is the three letter maker code 'ddx' for Voigtlander with the serial number '70350' . A double ringed blue circle indicates suitability for use in very cold temperatures. Spirit levels & bubble are intact. The often missing coloured lens filters to the lid of the carrying case are still present & its webbing & leather belt loops to rear are perfect.
Superb piece of essential MG equipment.

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Falklands War 1982 - Argentinian Camouflage Helmet

An interesting Argentinian camouflage helmet brought back as a souvenir from the Falklands campaign .
This striking helmet has a camouflage cover made from the ERDL camouflage army shirt & shows much wear to the inside & out. Held tightly in place by a cut rubber band the cover has some holes & is stained & grubby from use. The exterior of the Argentinian made shell can be seen in places underneath the cover with its rough textured green finish. Argentinian forces used two types of M1 shell , those that came from American surplus stocks & those that were made by Argentina themselves. The latter are recognisable from the US made shells by a few minor details such as a slightly more pronounced lip & deeper fitted chinstrap bales. As is typical on Falklands used helmets the metal fittings of the chinstrap have rusted . Liner displays the typical Argentinian depot refurbishing of replacement liner rivets as well as a green leather sweatband to the interior.
A 'been there' battle worn helmet in an interesting camouflage cover configuration.

This item comes from a long established Falklands War collection we have recently acquired . Many of the items were sourced in the 1980s from servicemen who had returned home with them .

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WW2 Japanese Type 95 NCO Sword With British Soldier 'Captured Enemy Material ' Form

This Japanese 'Type 95' NCO sword was brought back from Burma by a British army R.A.M.C. Warrant Officer who was serving as part of HQ Burma Command when he acquired it. Coming with it is the original paper 'Retention Certificate' reading:

'Captured Enemy Material .. No. 14716672 W.O.II BUTTLE W.J. Of HQ Burma Command Has Permission To Retain One Japanese Sword As A War Trophy. ' This is dated 8/4/47 & signed by the Brigadier In Charge Of Administration , HQ Burma Command. '

The sword dates from before the 1941 period with aluminium Tsuka ( handle ) & thick brass Tsuba ( Hand Guard ) . It has matching serial numbers to blade & scabbard with the S/N being read blade upwards indicating a Nagoya Arsenal produced blade. Other markings are to be seen on the Fuchi these being that of 'Gifu' who were one of the six companies producing swords at the arsenals , 'Nagoya' which is one of the three Arsenal inspection markings one would find & then lastly the marking for 'Kokura' which is the Arsenal identification mark.
All of the correct fittings are still intact to the sword such as the retaining screw to the Tsuka & the hanging loop to the top. The holding catch fitting between handle & scabbard is working perfectly.
A Japanese military used sword that has been to war this sword has been acquired from family hands & was previously proudly kept in the corner of a room by its liberator for many years after WW2.

****** UK SALES ONLY********

*** This sword came with the veterans medals, photographs & his fathers Great War medals listed seperately , Code 8481 ***

Code: 8480Price: 795.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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WW2 British R.A.M.C. Burma Veteran & Fathers WW1 Medals Group

Medals & photographs to ' 14716672 W.O.II BUTTLE W.J ' who served with the Royal Army Medical Corps in the Far East in WW2. This Burma veteran received the awards of 1939-1945 Star , Burma Star & War medal & is proudly photographed wearing them with his R.A.M.C tie in the photograph which is included. He is also wearing the National Service medal 1939-1960 also included in the group. A small photograph taken of him & a pal in tropical dress is annotated ' RANGOON' on the back.
Also within this group are his fathers WW1 medal trio to ' 43903 A-BMDR J.BUTTLE of the Royal Garrison Artillery ' .

***This veteran also brought home a Japanese NCO sword with its Army Captured War Trophy certificate which is listed seperately as Code 8480 ***

Code: 8481Price: 125.00 GBP

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WW2 German A Frame Bag

An original & complete German A Frame bag used to carry various small items on the A Frame assault pack.
Complete with all leather tabs & buttons etc .

Code: 8485Price: 125.00 GBP

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WW2 German Utility Webbing Carrying Strap

A WW2 German coarse webbing grey green carrying/utility strap used on the optical sight boxes & other similar equipment as required.
Size adjustable & with both of its closed sprung clips to each end intact this is an excellent original example not often seen .
This type of webbing equipment strap & its derivatives are discussed in Vol.2 of the excellent German combat equipment reference work 'Ausrustung' by R.Pickering .

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Falklands War 1982 - Argentinian Commando Camouflage Jacket With Wings To Breast

An Argentinian Commando camouflage jacket with wings above left breast pocket typical of 601/602 commando unit.
Of four pocket construction with all buttons intact.

This item comes from a long established Falklands War collection we have recently acquired . Many of the items were sourced in the 1980s from servicemen who had returned home with them .

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WW2 German Straight Entrenching Tool Cover

A totally original German straight entrenching tool cover in excellent condition.
Constructed from 'prestoff' & leather , prestoff was a type of ersatz artificial leather made from layers of pressed card. This proved very effective & was widely used by the German forces as the war progressed.
A very faint rectangular outlined ink stamp can still be seen to the inside of the cover this being a very typical format seen on German equipment items at this time.
All stitching is firm & good , leather undamaged.

Code: 8499Price: 275.00 GBP

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Falklands War 1982 - Argentinian Marine Issue Commando Parka

Rare Argentinian Marine Commando parka which was Falklands used & brought back after the campaign by a British soldier.
These parkas were shortened into combat jackets & were favoured due to their heavyweight construction. With a few rips & tears it has a working zip with its puller no longer present. Rare Argentinian Marine combat item .

This item comes from a long established Falklands War collection we have acquired . Many of the items were sourced in the 1980s from servicemen who had returned home with them .

Code: 8500Price: 145.00 GBP

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