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Code: 11207


WW2 British Army North West Europe ' Normandy & Arnhem ' Interest Battledress 1943 - 30th Corps , Royal Artillery Staff Sergeant

A scarce 1943 dated British battledress from a 30 Corps Staff Sergeant of the Royal Artillery . 30th Corps were of course heavily involved in the Normandy campaign as well as Operation Marketgarden in Holland commanded by General Horrocks.
Battledress has printed Royal Artillery shoulder titles to both sleeves with Divisional insignia of 30 Corps ( Wild Boar ) & blue & red arm of service strips beneath. Each sergeant rank chevron is surmounted by gun & crown for Staff Sergeant . All of the insignia is original to the blouse with commensurate age wear throughout . Battledress is a '40 pattern with clothing label still intact giving the Size 9 , date 1943 & manufacturer name of Montagu Burton Ltd, Leeds.
All buttons are intact with only a couple of pinprick moth holes in places.

Code: 11197

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WW2 German Kriegsmarine Dagger & Knot

A nice recently surfaced example of the Kriegsmarine officers dagger still with its original knot in place never having been off since its WW2 service.
An Eickhorn , Solingen example it has an excellent ivory grip with all of its wire binding still intact. The crisp detailing to its pommel displays the undamaged swastika very well.
Blade displays the classic anchor & serpent design with a very clean & bright appearance overall.
Scabbard is extremely pleasing with a very high percentage of its original fire gilding remaining. Throat screws are present & totally untouched with no movement whatsoever to lozenge.
Silver knot is correctly tied to dagger with some corresponding age & wear evidencing its time with this dagger.
An excellent untouched example with only some light wear overall.

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Code: 11194

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WW1 Pre 1917 British MK1 Brodie Helmet ( Sapper Name & Unit Details To Underside Of Rim )

A very good named MK1 British Brodie helmet of the Mk1 model with rim . This example has been made without the incorporation of a rubber ring to lining therefore predating its manufacture to before 1917.
All of the correct WW1 British Brodie features are present with thin chinstrap bales & split rivet fixed lugs denoting its British origin. This well worn helmet has the remains of its rough textured khaki paint finish to surface. To the underside of the rim have been written the very researchable details of a Sapper with the date 1917 so one would assume this was the wearer of the helmet. I should add that this writing , although old , has been added to the helmet later in indelible pen & still remains an important part of this helmets history.

Code: 11205

375.00 GBP

WW2 British Service Respirator , Haversack & Anti-Gas Accessories

An early WW2 British services gas mask & haversack coming with its Anti Gas accessories.
Gas mask has 1941 dated black rubber face piece with khaki stockinged hose & red 1941 dated filter. Within the two external pockets of the bag are found a tin of No.2 ointment tubes & a paper Gas Detector packet (Detector, Gas Ground) . There is also a tin of 1939 dated Anti Dimming Kit , some anti gas wadding & a pack of Anti gas goggles. I have not yet been able to remove either screw cap on the tin although this should be possible with lubrication . Haversack string still present.

Code: 11201

145.00 GBP

WW2 German K98 Bayonet, Scabbard & Frog

A nice K98 bayonet with reddish brown bakelite grips & 1943 dated frog.
Bayonet is maker coded & dated '43 fze ' with around 95% of its original blueing remaining to blade , hilt & pommel. Pommel has waffenamt markings ' WAa519' .
Black leather frog is maker coded & dated ' gfg1943'.
Very nice set .

Uk Sales Only

*** Proof of age over 18 required ***

Code: 11192

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WW2 German 7.92mm Ammunition Carton Battle Pack( Packhulse) With Full Compliment Of 20 Boxes

German cardboard packing sleeve containing 20 empty boxes of what would have been 15 rounds each thus 300 rounds in total in each sleeve. Five of these sleeves ( Packhulse ) would be packed into a standard infantry wooden ammunition box ( Patronenkasten) totalling 1500 rounds in all.
This sleeve has packing label denoting that all of the 7.92mm rifle ammunition rounds are in five round chargers this indicated by the red 'iL' stamped onto each label over the printed nomenclature.
Sleeve & boxes are in near mint condition , no rounds are included.
Rare item to find so complete.

Code: 11202

265.00 GBP

Madsen Machine Gun Tripod With Spare Magazine Pouches & One Magazine

Madsen Machine Gun tripod as used to convert the gun to a slightly more stable sustained-fire position when deployed as an LMG in the field. Shown in its 'soft mounting', this transformed the gun from a light to a medium machine gun. The tripod can be converted to allow use for AA fire. When deployed as shown, the gun could be operated via a remote trigger.
Overall very good condition.

Collection / Pickup Preferred , Please Contact To Discuss Options .

Code: 11204

475.00 GBP

WW2 US 'British Made' First Aid Pouch 1944 & Carlisle Dressing Tin

A US issue 'British Made' first aid pouch for American forces coming with the early red unopened Carlisle dressing tin.
Both in excellent condition.

Code: 11191

55.00 GBP

WW2 British Anti Gas Brassard 1940 - Issued To D Day Assault Troops

This is an original example of the sleeve gas detector brassard that was made from paper treated with Gas Detector paint. Upon the detection of sprayed blister gas the affected areas would turn red indicating personal decontamination was required by the soldier.
These brassards were issued to all invasion troops involved in the D-Day invasion as well as the American paratroopers who can be seen wearing them in period photographs.
Originals are hard to find today, this example has ink markings for the date (2/40) February 1940 as well as faint maker stamp to reverse.

Code: 11196

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