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WW1 German Ersatz Model 1915 Prussian Infantry Pickelhaube

A rare WW1 Ersatz Model 1915 Prussian infantry pickelhaube in felt ( Filzhelme) with M1915 grey fittings & original chinstrap & buckles.
The felt pickelhaube began to be fitted with grey steel fittings at this point of the war to save on the previous silver & brass which were now needed elsewhere. Some manufacturers utilised existing supplies of brass & silver & so these were still used alongside but painted in matching grey as is the case here . All of the fittings to this pickelhaube are original with no damage to the Prussian front plate or the original brown leather chinstrap. There are a couple of small 'kinks' to the front peak edging however all of the metal fittings are sound. The top spike is firm to the mounting & does not detach , this is brass that has been grey overpainted as can be seen on the neck area. Both cockades present.
A rare felt pickelhaube that has survived in very good condition.

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WW2 German Named Gas Mask Set

A WW2 German gas mask set with both original wartime long & short straps .
Gas mask is of the classic early green rubberised fabric with 1936 date to inside edge of facepiece. The handwritten nametag & unit mark of ' H.Dorr E.Z.II' is stitched to the long strap .Filter is of the FE41 type with proof mark inkstamped ' Gepruft 1943' to side. It is three letter maker coded fnr .
Gas mask canister has much of its original green paint remaining with embossed 'D' to bottom signifying ' Dicht' for airtight. Spare lense compartment is intact with spare lenses present. Both of the straps , long & short are correct wartime issue , not the similar Bundeswehr replacements often offered as original. There two of the leather reinforcing strengthening tabs still present both date 1939 & very worn .
Overall an excellent example of the standard issue German gas mask.

Code: 8556

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WW1 French Officers Kepi , 35th Infantry Regiment

An early pre WW1 infantry Lieutenants officers Kepi from the 35th infantry regiment. This regiment were in action at Verdun in 1917 as well as other battles in 1914 & 1915 which I have listed below.
This kepi is typical of officers dress in August 1914 having the classic 'polo' shape being more cylindrical & reduced in size than the earlier 1885 wider topped version . The officers single front stripe & braid system to the fine red cloth top denote Lieutenant whilst the Hungarian knot of braid denotes in this form a junior officer. The regiments numbers are embroidered to the front in cannetille. The chinstrap buttons are small & in the branch of service which , here, is gold for infantry. Interior of the Kepi is very finely made with a black leather sweatband & Paris tailor maker to the crown.
A well service worn piece , it has survived in remarkably excellent condition with only some minor pin prick moth holes in places. To the top rear of the seam there are a couple of slightly larger holes only noticeable when the low sunken crown is stretched out to reveal the crease where it joins the side of the cap. I have left this item completely as recently found most encountered now of this date being very moth damaged with detached peaks etc.
A superb 'charactor' piece representing French forces in the early stages of WW1.

This French infantry regiment were in action at the following battles :

1914 : Alsace l'Ourcq
1915 : Champagne
1916 : Verdun
1918 : Reims

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WW2 German Gas/Mine Warning Flag Set

Mine or Gas warning flag set contained within green reinforced cloth shoulder strapped bag used to warn personnel of contaminated areas.
The 15 distinctive triangular shaped cloth flags have black skull & crossbones on yellow background , individually mounted on a thin red metal pointed pole which can be placed at different heights.
German three letter maker code marking ' gdq' to inside of flap , bag in very good order.

Code: 8552

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WW1 German Ersatz ' Tinned' Messtin 1915 Dated

A WW1 model of German messtin this being one of the earliest 'Ersatz' models in tin replacing the already existing aluminium which needed to be conserved for the war effort. These crude messtins were produced up until the use of enamel & were coated , more often than not , in grey or black paint .
This messtin is marked to both hinges & lid with ' THIEL - SCHTE 15' & has very faint traces of a circular mark to the lid now barely visible. Very well used , its black paint finish is very worn however the steel hinged lid handle is undamaged as is the carrying wire. The excellent work 'Feldzug 1917' by the late Michael Baldwin describes in detail the varying patterns of messtin from 1914 onwards .
Very hard to find 1915 dated messtins now most long since used to destruction.

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WW1 German Bayonet Frog Knot

A WW1 German bayonet frog knot in blue , yellow & blue signifying 12th Coy .
A very nice original piece with some fraying .
Hard to find.

Code: 8553

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WW2 German Equipment Y Straps 1942

A 1942 dated pair of German equipment Y straps . These were standard issue from 1939 onwards & worn by all non mounted other ranks to support their combat belt equipment.
This pair have grey steel fittings & are of blackened leather with brown upper sections , the maker name & date is stamped into the reverse of each long strap.

Code: 8548

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WW1 Imperial German Butcher Bayonet Frog

A brown leather WW1 Imperial German 'Butcher' bayonet frog in excellent condition.
Frog has to its rear a marking which may well be regimental or personally applied by the soldier himself.
Red stitched example, as seen on some other WW1 German leatherwork such as holsters etc.

Code: 8546

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WW1 German Sawback 'Butcher' Bayonet

A very good clean example of the German sawback 'butcher' bayonet for pioneer troops .
With good clean grips & working pommel catch there are no markings to the ricasso these most likely being underneath the grips , I have not removed them to look.
Classic WW1 German bayonet.

Code: 8554

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WW2 RAF Officers Side Cap

An RAF officers side cap in fine blue barethea wool , gilt officers insignia to side & brass kings crown buttons to front. Interior has a brown velvet sweatband with champagne lining.
Just three very small pin prick moth holes to right side .

Code: 8560

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