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Code: 10437


' Timecapsule' WW1 German M1895 Prussian Pickelhaube

If you are looking for a totally original ' out of the woodwork ' pickelhaube then this early Prussian piece may be for you ..
An excellent M1895 Prussian infantry other ranks pickelhaube coming complete with its original chinstrap & cockades & a true 'timecapsule' piece in every sense of the word.
The undamaged front Prussian plate has quite clearly been with this piece since taken from the battlefield as it is well embedded into the leather of the skull & is still firmly secured to the leather body. It would have to actually be prized off if removed. Correlating patination on the leather around the edges of the plate confirm that has been in situ for many years , the leather slides holding it in place at rear are perfectly mounted & the fixing holes remain totally undisturbed with their brass ring surrounds uninterfered with. Helmet surface has some of the usual crazing , chips & scuffs in places & remains totally uncleaned as it recently came. All of the brass mountings are firm & a total exact match in colour. The spike is non removeable.
Stitching to front & rear peak is firm & both Prussian & National cockades are 100% original to this helmet. The original brown leather chinstrap has remained surprisingly undamaged with all mountings intact. Interior of the helmet shows no disturbance to any of the securing pins . The black leather of the liner is good with some minor dryness however it is still very possible to inspect its underside & see a Reserve Infantry Regiment marking although only partially legible. Rear peak bears black ink marked date '1905' with another issue marking crossed out ( See images ) .
Overall a fabulous example of the early war Prussian infantrymans pickelhaube.

Code: 10432

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' Timecapsule ' WW1 Imperial German M1895 Prussian Pickelhaube

More images of Item 10432..

Code: 10435


WW2 German M35 Luftwaffe Ground Troops Flak 'Kanonier' Three Tone Normandy Camouflage Helmet

A Luftwaffe unit marked M35 helmet with three tone camouflage paint in classic Normandy colours coming complete with chinstrap & soldiers name to flared rim. .
This untouched piece has received a fine camouflage overspray typical of vehicle paint of the 1944 period with the forest green, tan ochre & reddish brown applied ad hoc to its entirety some over each other but with the ochre & reddish brown being very distinct to the front & rear especially. Upon close examination a first pattern drooptail eagle is visible under the paint on the left side with the outline of a national shield to the right . All three liner pins are of the early brass type all matching in age & clearly undisturbed . Interior of helmet has factory luftwaffe blue remaining to underside with the handpainted rank & name ' Kan. Allons Frey ' ( Kanonier - Gunner ) . Maker , size & lot number are ' ET64 3664' ( Eisenhutten werke Size 64 ) .
Aluminium liner band is reinforced & dated 1938 , the liner itself is heavily worn although intact & with no damage to any of the fingers. A luftwaffe unit ink stamp can be seen when the liner is lifted. Chinstrap came on the helmet when found & is a Wilhelm Ellers , Beilefeld made example dated 1941. The reference book 'Germany's Combat Helmets 1933-45' by Ken Niewiarowicz gives an exact example of this chinstrap stating they are commonly found on Luftwaffe helmets.
A superb helmet from a Luftwaffe ground crew combat soldier & perfect for a Field Division smock mannequin display in the Normandy summer of 1944.

Code: 10418

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WW1 French Waterbottle & Drinking Cup In Rare Horizon Blue

A fabulous example of the iconic early WW1 French waterbottle with blue wool cover & drinking cup attached for convenience by the soldier. It is so hard to find French WW1 waterbottles in anything other than poor condition especially in the classic wartime 'Horizon Blue' of this period.
This is the 2 Litre Model 1877 which was in use by French troops when WW1 began. Although initially reserved for use by Colonial infantry in the prewar period the 2 litre model was then made general issue to infantry early on in WW1.
This example has survived exceptionally well & has the early brass buckled brown leather carrying strap still fitted. It is of note that in typical wartime form a seperate piece of the earlier iron blue grey wool has been used in its construction. A linen name tag is sewn to the bottom of the bottle this very typical of wartime issue pieces. With signs of only very minimal use it comes with the zinc plated sheet steel drinking cup which was on issue to every man .

Code: 10419

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WW1 Buckingham Palace Death Plaque Scroll

Sent out by Buckingham Palace with the 'Dead Mans Penny' Death Plaque ' .

Code: 10427

45.00 GBP

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WW2 German Gas Cape & Rubberised Gas Cape Bag

Rubberised gas cape bag as issued to German troops of all branches & having gas cape still inside.
Bag has correct PRYM pop studs & all of its correct tabs for attaching to gas mask strap intact with gas cape having remains of paper label although with no ink marks remaining from where it has been damp.

Code: 10416

150.00 GBP

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WW1 British D Shaped Messtin 1917

Of the distinct WW1 pattern this British D shaped messtin has the small buckle bracket to front .
In decent condition the Birmingham maker & date of 1917 are visible to bottom.

Code: 10420

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WW1 French Officers 1909 Model Pistol Holster

A brown leather pistol holster for the 1892 Model revolver as carried by officers on their leather belt equipment.
This example has survived in excellent condition with rear belt loop , buckle tabs & brass fastening stud & catch intact. The three loops visible upon lifting of the flap are a modification introduced as of 1909 for holding three cartons of revolver ammunition , these were often altered by the individual according to preference. To the underside of the flap are the inspection markings with a partial date of just the '6' being visible this most likely relating to 1916. After WW1 a variety of different updated versions of the issue holster were devised.

Code: 10422

165.00 GBP

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WW2 German Wehrpass Holder

In used condition.

Code: 10417

25.00 GBP

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