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WW2 German Brown Bakelite Binoculars

A pair of the rare 6 X 30 service binoculars manufactured in brown bakelite due to wartime economic measures.
These highly desirable binoculars come complete with their original neckstrap which was on them when recently found. The metal parts are a mixture of black & ordnance tan painted with both oculars in very good working condition. The white adjustment numbering remains intact . When viewed the optics are still good & graticuling clear.
Excellent condition for a pair of these service used rare binoculars.

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WW2 British Mk1* Cheshire Regiment Rough Granulated Camouflage Dunkirk Period Helmet

British regular troops involved in the early swift campaigns of WW2 such as the BEF at Dunkirk & the Battle for France were often equipped with these Mk1* helmets this being the standard issue before the introduction of the MkII helmet in mid 1938.
Examining the underside of the fingers of the liner one can see an army number handpainted on of ' 4121624' . According to the late Brian Davis excellent book 'British Army Uniforms & Insignia of World War Two' this number falls within the block allocated to the Cheshire Regiment whose 2nd Battalion fought in France in 1940 with the rest of the BEF before fighting in the Battle of Dunkirk prior to their evacuation.
Upon this fabulous helmet can be seen its factory issue khaki paint over which a rough granulated khaki camouflage has been applied. This finish is typical of those applied to helmets in the early 1940 period. On the side of the helmet can be seen a diamond patch where there was once a flash which has been scraped away most likely complying with later security regulations. Close examination of the remnants ascertains that the colours of this flash were buff & cherry which conforms with that used by the Cheshire regiment . It has been recorded that these colours were also used on their pugarees in the WW1 period.
Distinctive with its turned up edge non magnetic stainless steel chin strap securing lug these replaced those of the MK1 chinstrap from the earlier issue helmets until replaced again in June 1937 by the MkII lug with smaller wire loops.
A rare helmet & a real piece of early War British army history.

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WW2 German Normandy Camouflage Gas Mask Tin

A wonderful three tone Normandy camouflage gas mask tin with short strap still present & '78' number handpainted to neck.
This gas mask tin is the classic Normandy colours with tan ochre , reddish brown & green lightly sprayed over the factory green of the tin itself. There is heavy field wear overall with rust age in places & one of the strap bars at the top of the tin no longer present. The bottom of the tin is embossed with a 'D' denoting 'Dicht' for watertight added to those manufactured after October 1941. The spare lense compartment is maker marked & dated 'ebu 42' .
Scarce original piece straight from the battlefields of Normandy.

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WW1 Named Manchester Regiment MC Winners British Officers Private Purchase DayField Body Shield

A fabulous private purchase Dayfield Body Shield named to Military Cross winner Captain F.C Benton of the Manchester Regiment .
Britain were well ahead in the development of Body Armour during WW1 & led the way when it came to those available for purchase at that time. One of the most popular was this Dayfield Body Shield of which various patterns existed . The example here still has its rare paper marketing label to the front reading ' The Dayfield Body Shield Resists Bayonet , Sword or Lance Thrusts also spent bullets & shell ' . fragments. ' Handwritten onto one side is the faintly visible but distinct name of 'FC Benton' which would be very enjoyable to fully research. In overall very good condition both long fastening tapes to the rear are present. There are some rust marks in places to the fabric from storage .
A scarce item & one which would benefit from thorough research of the officer.

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WW2 British Made ETO Jacket For Issue To US Troops 1943

Rare British made 'ETO' jacket for issue to US troops this example is dated 1943.
These jackets were designed by the European Theatre of Operations Commanding General Robert Littlejohn & were manufactured in Great Britain from May 1943 onwards. In near mint condition with no moth at all & label intact all of its buttons are still present & it is , frankly, the best example I have ever seen !

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WW2 German Reed Green Matching Mess Tin Set With Strap 1943

An ' as found' German '43 dated matching mess tin set still with its long '42 dated messtin strap buckled onto it.
This messtin is of midwar manufacture marked' OHW43' to lid & body with red oxide paint to inside as is often found on these mid to late war tin versions. The classic reed green paint is still largely intact. The black strap has clearly been on for a very long time with the worn in shape from being on the messtin visible when removed. To the end is a marking which appears to be an H over an M with the date '42' visible underneath this.
Found in the Trun area of Normandy & left completely as found uncleaned & with its years of history still clinging to it.

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WW1 Prussian M15 Pickelhaube 1915

A fine example of the last model of German pickelhaube with original chinstrap & grey steel fittings introduced on 28th June 1915 .
By this time in the war the expensive fittings of brass & silver were now needed for the war effort elsewhere & so this version , although still iconic , was rather simplified.
This superb early war 'trench' piece with its original removeable spike & both national & state cockades has survived very well with a nice even age to its exterior & a very appealing patina to its fittings.
The black leather liner typifies that found on pickelhaube examples of this period. The untouched Prussian helmet plate is secured to the helmet with its two original leather fasteners through each eye on the helmets underside . All of the chemically treated grey metal fittings are original to the helmet & tightly fitting.
Faint inspection markings can be seen to rear brim with an oval manufacturers stamp & 1915 date to interior crown. The size stamp of '54 1/2' is also legible.
A classic Imperial German item in fabulous condition!

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WW2 British Netted Camouflage MkII Steel Helmet 1939

An untouched British MkII steel helmet with camouflage scrim netting as was used by British infantry troops fighting in N.W Europe in the 1944 period onwards.
Helmet has its original factory khaki paint to inside & out with the markings to front lip typical of those produced by the firm ' F & L ' ( Fisher & Ludlow ) . The date of 1939 is just about discernible. Liner cradle also has date 1939 with size 7 3/4 & maker 'BMB' for Briggs Motor Bodies. The liner screw is totally undisturbed this being clearly apparent when viewed from the inside & out of the shell. Netting is tightly fitted to the helmet & is left as found totally uncleaned.
Overall condition is dirty but very good . To clena or not to clean will be at the discretion of the new owner.

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WW1 French Artillery Officers 'New' Tunic , Spring 1915

A WW1 French Officers tunic of the 31st Artillery Regiment in the 'New' style which appeared in service after the Spring of 1915.
In light blue gabardine , this example displays the typical artillery officers double gold braid to collar patches & red flecked gold chevrons to sleeve for rank of Adjutant. In the French army the rank of 'Adjutant' was slightly different to that of the British army as it was with senior NCO status. Crossed cannon buttons for artillery . Tunic is wide cut & has the typical large flapped lower pockets with squared uppers. Also the turn down collar with shoulder straps & French cuffs are typical of the period. two brass equipment support hooks to rear.
A service used tunic , there is only minimal wear overall to the nap of the cloth.

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WW1 British '02 Service Trousers

A very nice pair of the scarce WW1 British service trousers of midwar manufacture & in excellent condition.
These trousers display the use of double brace buttons which was seen from June 1915 & also the double reinforcing stitch to bottom of side pockets which was a feature used throughout the war. In the typical mid khaki wool shade all of the 12 brace buttons are still present with all five to front fly.
Trousers measure an approx 31 inch waist with just under a 30 inch inside leg. . There are a couple of hardly noticeable grubby marks to the wool on one leg & no moth so overall they are in fabulous condition.

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