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Rare WW2 German Luftwaffe Rubber Motorcyclists Coat 1940

A rare luftwaffe issue rubberised 3/4 length motorcyclists coat dated 1940.
These luftwaffe versions were blue grey overall with a blue cloth fronted collar & blue cloth reinforcement under the armpits. Buttons are of pebbled luftwaffe blue. Unlike the army versions they had no shoulder tabs for the attachment of shoulder boards. Complete with its adjustable half belt to rear it has two deep fastening flap covered pockets to the front & one chest pocket on the right side. There is a blue grey cotton lining to the interior with buttons to top neck opening & one button remaining to left cuff. All three of its rear skirt opening 'LW' (Luftwaffe) buttons are still present . There are three armpit vents to each side & a coat hook hanger to inside collar. Buttons are minus from both front waist pockets & there is the usual fraying to bottom hem of the coat with one small tear to front right side. Interior of coat has black inkstamped maker of 'A.Siegfried & Co , Berlin ' with 'Decemebr 1940' date & dice stamped size markings .
Recently found in Northern France this scarce coat would make a superb addition to your Luftwaffe mannequin !

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Pre WW1 Imperial German S98/05Aa 1st Pattern Sawback Butcher Bayonet

A fabulous example of the pre WW1 German 'High Ears' S98/05 Aa sawback bayonet in correct steel mounted leather scabbard.
This rare first pattern has Prussian cypher to back of blade with 1911 date & the maker 'SIMSON & Co SUHL' to ricasso.

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WW2 British First Pattern Denison Smock With Original Tail & Half Zip

An excellent example of the first pattern Denison smock complete with its original working half zip & tail.
A very acceptable large size 7 , the smock is of the earlier & immediately distinctive handpainted camouflage. The often removed 'ape' tail to rear is original to the smock along with its original 'Lightning' half zip still in full working order. All of the press snaps are Newey marked to their underside with one minus from front. Clothing label is still readable as 'SMOCK DENISON (Airborne Troops)' with sizes & showing the well known maker ' C.W.S Ltd ' .
Overall a super example of this classic paratrooper smock most likely having seen service in one of the well known wartime operations of the Parachute regiment.

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WW1 British '08 Pattern Bayonet Frog With Helve Strap 1915

An early unblancoed 1915 dated '08 pattern bayonet frog complete with original helve strap .
Maker marked to 'MW&S' for the firm Mills Wright & Sons with broad arrow & 1915 date.
Hard to find piece with helve strap !

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WW2 British 'Blitz' Period Police Sergeants Helmet 1939

A classic WW2 British Police helmet with 'POLICE' stencil to front & double bands around the circumference denoting a senior rank. Handpainted to the underside of the shell can be seen 'PS29' for Police Sergeant 29 the number referring to the sergeants collar number at his station. To the underside of the rim can be seen 'HBH 1939' with faint 'BH & Co' maker mark to liner cradle. Nice condition with much of its original factory blue paint remaining.

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WW1 British Unblancoed '08 Pattern E Tool Carrier 1915 Dated

A 1915 dated unblancoed webbing entrenching tool carrier for the 1908 pattern webbing equipment.
In its original WW1 format as issued , the markings to inside are ' MECO.1915 /I ' .
Very hard to find unblancoed & in this excellent condition.

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WW2 British Leather Jerkin 1944

An excellent condition British leather jerkin dated 1944.
Complete with label intact which reads ' JERKINS, LEATHER No.2 CAMOUFLAGED ' .
Complete with all of its original front buttons & blanket lining . A superb example.

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WW1 British Entrenching Tool Head 1915

A very good example with alot of its black finish still remaining & maker marked & dated LUCAS 1915.

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WW2 British Sten Magazine Webbing Bandolier

A Paratrooper/ Commando issue webbing bandolier to hold (7) seven sten gun magazines.
A rare item for your D-Day Normandy assault mannequin ! Holding seven spare magazines for the Sten sub machine gun these solely wartime produced webbing bandoliers were used by Commando troops & Paratroopers in the D-Day assaults with much photographic evidence to prove it. An all intact 100 % original example with faint remains of ink stamp being visible to carrying strap.
All complete classic Normandy assault troops item.

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WW1 German Stick Grenade Handle Dated March 1918

A very good WW1 German stick grenade with its original green paint remaining to neck collar & original pull cord & screw cap to base.
Wood shaft is marked 'Ka 8.3.18' & '5 1/2 SeK WIBG' denoting the fuse time of 5 1/2 seconds.
Complete with its original pull cord & porcelain bead there is no woodworm to handle.
Difficult thing to find !
** I am unable to send to Scotland & Ireland or outside of the UK **

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