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WW2 German M42 Single Decal Luftwaffe Helmet

A fabulous 'straight out of the woodwork' large sized M42 single decal Luftwaffe steel combat helmet complete with its original chinstrap .
In a very typical rough finish Luftwaffe blue grey paint on the outside of the helmet this 'ET66' made example ( Eisenhuttenwerke ,Thale ) has a superb second pattern decal of which a very high percentage ( Approx 95%) remains intact. The decal is of the 'dotted wing' type commonly found on helmets made by 'ET'. All of the liner pins match the rest of the helmet in age & paint & an inspection of them inside & out enables us to conclude that they are totally unmolested & original to the helmet. The date 1943 can be seen to the liner band with not too much difficulty. The liner itself shows wear but no damage with all of the fingers untorn & with original drawstring still in place. The name ' R.Boulter' can be seen written on the forehead area of the liner this being British sounding & most likely the name of the soldier who captured it. The batch number ' 1831' is visible to rear skirt of the helmet. Chinstrap is a scarcer pigskin produced example with steel buckle. Pigskin chinstraps can be seen on M42 helmets typical of later expedients.
This fabulous piece bears all the charactor of a combat used example worn by a Luftwaffe infantry soldier of the paratroopers or field division or a gunner from the growing number of flak crews constantly deployed as the allied division rolled onwards.

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WW2 German ‘Etched Blade’ Kriegsmarine Dagger With Knot

A nice recently surfaced example of the Kriegsmarine officers dagger still with its original knot in place never having been off since its WW2 service.
An Eickhorn example it has an excellent ivory grip with all of its wire binding still intact. The crisp detailing to its pommel displays the undamaged swastika very well.
Blade displays the classic anchor & serpent design with a very clean & bright appearance overall.
Scabbard is extremely pleasing with a very high percentage of its original fire gilding remaining. Throat screws are present & totally untouched with no movement whatsoever to lozenge.
Silver knot is correctly tied to dagger with some corresponding age & wear evidencing its time with this dagger.
An excellent untouched example with only some light wear overall.

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WW2 British ' Time Capsule' MKII Netted Camouflage Steel Helmet 1941 Dated

A recently discovered total 'time capsule' WW2 British infantry netted camouflage helmet with 1941 date to liner cradle.
This iconic helmet is typical of those worn by the British soldier in Normandy & the rest of N.W Europe with most being seen having either the first or second model of net fitted to their helmets for camouflage. This example is finished in rough brown khaki paint to its exterior with the net placed over the top & showing matching wear & field damage overall. To the underside of the helmets rim can be seen the maker initials 'JSS ' for the firm Joseph Sankey & Sons who made helmet shells from 1938-1941. The liner cradle shows the maker 'FH' who produced from 1940-41 with the 1941 date clearly visible. Chinstrap intact .
A fabulous combat helmet perfect for Normandy British infantry display !

Code: 9521

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WW2 German DAK Tropical Waterbottle 1942

A nice combat example of the classic 'coconut' waterbottle originally designed for tropical use but often seen in use by German troops in European theatres also.
Designed to hold exceptional thermatic properties they were manufactured in aluminium then covered with a heat process involving wood & resin . The rear of the bottle is embossed with the maker markings & date 'HRE42' . All of the webbing straps are made of spun rayon canvas with metal tips to prevent fraying. All straps are in excellent condition with a totally intact black leather choker strap to neck holding all in place. The black bakelite cup is original & intact with bakelite marking. Some rust to metal tips of straps.
Overall a good field used example of the classic tropical issue waterbottle.

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WW2 German Army Dagger With Hangers

A superb example of the German army officers dagger fresh to the collectors market & in excellent condition !
Made by Carl Eickhorn of Solingen with their famous squirrel motif to ridge of blade this dagger exudes quality & has been well looked after in family hands for many years. The beautiful orange grip is totally undamaged this complimenting the high silver content of the daggers metal fittings. The usual crispness of its ornate detail does not disappoint with its clean well finished scabbard being another added bonus. Blade excellent & with its correct crossgraining.
Hangers are quite excellent with all of its green velvet backing intact & only the most minimal amount of wear overall. Both DRGM marked clips & buckle are silver washed with beautiful oak leaves & acorns throughout.
A fabulous example.

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WW2 British MkIII Turtle Helmet 1944

A superb textbook example of the MkIII ' Turtle ' helmet issued to assault formations of the 21st Army Group just prior to the Normandy invasion & seen in wear on the beaches of D Day on the 6th June 1944.
With a clearly 1944 dated 'VERO' made liner this helmet is in the rough brown finish found on the first issued examples with a totally original & correct MkIII chinstrap.
With only minor wear overall this is a classic British combat helmet as definitively worn on D-Day by assault troops.

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WW2 German Iron Cross Second Class

A nice honest example .

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WW2 British ' D-Day' Assault Gas Mask & Carrying Bag (All Pre D-Day Dated)

This is the 1943 pattern of British gas mask issued for use in the D-Day Landings by British & Allied troops & later by the Airborne troops during the Battle of Arnhem.
It is practically impossible to find these with wartime dated filters most encountered now being of postwar issue. This gas mask is 1943 dated to rear yoke & May 1944 dated to rubber facepiece with a 1/6/44 issue date stamped onto lower mask area.
Dated March 1943 to carrying bag & also with the same '3/43' date to carrying strap it comes with a rare wartime dated filter manufacturer stamped September 1942 & with issue ink stamp date of '12-4-44' just predating D Day. There are also a pack of anti gas eyeshields still in the bag which came still inside it.
Excelllent condition rare piece with a small dent to filter.

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WW1 German Battle Damaged Enamelled Messtin

A battle damaged souvenir of WW1 being a rather bullet holed German enamelled messtin dated 1918.
This messtin has clearly seen action having four bullet hole entry & exit points most likely from a machine gun burst going in & out of it. This pattern of messtin was the last issued & is maker ink stamped 'Siliesia 18' for the year 1918 to lid. Due to the rust decay to the steel handle rendering it solid I am unable to remove the lid to inspect the mark to the body of the tin.
A super piece of history from the Great War.

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WW2 German ' Bringback ' First Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger

A first pattern luftwaffe dagger by the maker David Malsch offered completely as it came to me after years of storage since being souvenired in WW2.
Iconic in its appearance the first pattern luftwaffe dagger continues to be sought after & commands high prices in good condition. This example would fill a gap as a worn example with much age tarnishing to the silver finish of the fittings & a very old black paint finish to the scabbard. The blue leather grip covering is still very acceptable with all of its wire wrapping still intact. Both swastikas to pommel & hilt are still detailed. The David Malsch maker name appear within an oval on the centre of the blade spine with '5' numbered inspection stamp next to it. Blade very slightly blunted. The number '39' can be seen to the underside of the hilt. Scabbard has a very old black paint finish with bottom chape missing. The crossed out number '185' can be seen to mouth with 'SK37' opposite it.

Code: 9540

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