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WW1 US 91st Infantry Camouflage M17 Helmet

A fabulous WW1 US army camouflaged M17 helmet with fir tree insignia of the 91st Infantry Division to front.
A concept inspired by the German idea of camouflage & the American popularity of souveniring their helmets many of the US M17 issues were camouflaged after the end of the first world war with the colours on many being very visually striking to say the least. This fabulous piece is in a class of its own having four different roughly granulated colours all divided with random patterned black seperation lines. At the front of the helmet can be seen a black bordered dark green fir tree with a faint '91' at its centre. The fir tree was chosen to represent the 91st Division symbolizing its traditional home of the Far West.
Interior of the helmet displays its original khaki factory paint with steel lot number & maker initials ' ZC' ( Believed to be Edward. G. Budd Manufacturing Co. ) . Liner system intact . Leather chinstrap remains in places & shows minor wear but good.

The 91st Infantry Div . were involved in the Mihiel Offensive in France in September 1918 & were also in action on the the Meuse-Argonne offensive succesfully helping to destroy the German First Guard Division before succesfully assaulting three successive enemy lines. It was also in action at the Escaut River in the Battle of the Lys & the Escaut.

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Dutch M1911 Klewang 'Heiho' Cutlass

These M1910 cutlasses were made by the Dutch firm Hembrug for the Dutch army & were issued as a sidearm to be used against the enemies of the Dutch colonies. Originally fitted with a bowl handguard these were modified & used by the Japanese after capturing the Netherland East Indies in WW2. They were recaptured back from the Japanese by both American & Dutch Colonial forces after WW2 & used into the late forties.
Overall good used condition with some age to fittings.

** Proof of age over 18 will be required ***

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WW1 French Colonial 'Mustard' Waterbottle

A rare WW1 French 2 litre waterbottle in the distinct mustard colour of Colonial troops.
One of the best examples I have had the fortune to acquire true ' moutarde' Colonial waterbottles are extremely rare & not to be confused with the greener khaki interwar issues. Complete with its leather carrying strap the bottom off white name label stitched onto issue pieces such as this has very faint traces of name however sadly now illegible.

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WW2 German Felt & Leather Winter Boots , 1943 Dated

Very good 1943 dated pair of the felt & leather winter overboots worn by sentries of the army , luftwaffe & waffen SS designed to provide maximum insulation & protection against the cold.
Berlin maker label to inside with date 1943.
Very good non damaged condition with a small cluster of moth nips to rear of one boot ( See image ) Good supple leather.

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WW2 German Luftwaffe Belt & Buckle 1941/42

A Luftwaffe belt & buckle with blue painted leather tabbed steel buckle black belt leather.
Buckle is made by Assman & Co of Ludenscheid & is in good condition retaining a very high proportion of its dark blue luftwaffe paint. Leather tab is dated 1941 & marked with the Assmann maker details. The large black belt leather is a size 105 with faint maker & what appears to be '42' date.

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WW2 German Early War Luftwaffe Gas Mask Canister 1935

An early German luftwaffe gas mask canister this being one of the first Wehrmacht issues dated 1935 . This short model of canister with lever catch was used in the 1935-36 period as standard issue however although replaced by later models still saw service right through WW2.
The factory green finish can still be seen to the inside with the dark blue overpaint of the Luftwaffe applied to its exterior. The gas mask number '8E' can be seen to neck & a handpainted name can still be faintly seen to the bottom of the tin. Both long & short carrying straps are 100% original to the tin all having leather keepers still present. These were dispensed with later on in the war. The short belt hook is green painted brass another sign of very early manufacture.
Untouched since WW2 & a wonderful 'sleepy' piece undiscovered until now.

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WW2 German Stick Grenade Smooth Fragmentation Sleeve In Ordnance Tan

A WW2 German smooth fragmentation sleeve for the M24 stick grenade in ordnance tan paint.
There is a good amount of tan paint left on it with rust & some pitting.

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WW1 British '07 Bayonet & Scabbard 1916

WW1 British '07 pattern Wilkinson made bayonet & scabbard with first issue date of June 1916.
Both wood grips are good with screws undisturbed & 100 % original to the bayonet. Metal surfaces retain a very good proportion of their original blueing with no rust or pitting. Pommel catch working. 'Wilkinson Pall Mall ' to ricasso with ' 6 16' & a second reissue date of '23' to other side. Scabbard good with stitching firm .

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WW2 German Incendiary Bomb With Impact Damage 1938

An early WW2 German 1KG incendiary bomb with profuse markings & 1938 date.
Believed to have been dropped during the Blitz of 1940 this wonderful piece of history has impacted on its bottom causing slight distortion although this is still unscrewable allowing inspection of its inside. This is of course empty . Tail fin was seperated upon impact from the body & comes with it still in its original green paint.

*** UK Sales Only Excluding Scotland & Ireland ***

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WW2 British '37 Pattern Webbing Pistol Holster 1943

A British '37 pattern webbing pistol holster for the Enfield & Webley service revolvers.
Marked 'MECo 1943' for the Mills Equipment Company it is in very good condition.

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