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Code: 10670


WW2 German Paratrooper / Flight Crew NCO Fliegerbluse With All Original Wartime Applied Insignia

One of the best examples of a midwar issue Luftwaffe fliegerbluse that I have had the fortune to own for many years.
With branch of service in yellow for paratroops or flight crew this senior NCO rank example has NCO tresse & three gulled yellow collar tabs for a Feldwebel ( Sergeant ) . Both shoulder boards are present & have NCO tresse & one rank pip for a sergeant. Examining the collar tabs they are totally original to the piece being machine stitched around & well sunk into the cloth of the collar. Inspection of the reverse side evidences no trace of any previous stitch holes with the arms of the gulls very professionally fitted. Leading on to the embroidered breast eagle this is well sunk in & correctly zig zag stitched to the right breast. Again I can see no evidence of any previous holes whatsoever. This is more easily observed on the interior side where the wool is smoother & part of the stitching passes over the rayon reinforcing of the armpit allowing better examination. Lined in blue rayon it has an internal field dressing pocket , two breast pockets & rayon internal belt hook hangers. All have their small black glass fastening buttons. Dice stamped size markings are surmounted by an RB Number with what would have been the LBA inspection marking which smudged & is illegible. Front of the blouse has four blue glass buttons with a metal dished top button concealed under the lapel for collar closure. Each cuff has its black glass button for size adjustment. Internal cuff has a small buttoned tab which passes through a slit in the cuff to the outside for tightening if required. Very typical detail to all of the machine stitching with much all buttons to cuff & front fly totally 100% wartime original to the tunic. There is no moth at all!
A most beautiful fliegerblouse & a fabulous example of luftwaffe uniform manufacture at its best.

Code: 10628


WW2 German Paratrooper / Flight Crew NCO Fliegerbluse With All Original Wartime Applied Insignia

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Code: 10649


WW2 British Home Front Police Special Constable Helmet 1940

A 1940 dated civilian POLICE helmet with letters 'S.C' for Special Constable.
It was decided just prior to commencement of war that more police officers would be needed & therefore to boost the ranks more Special Constables were recruited many as full time paid officers. This helmet is of lesser quality than that normally seen having punched holes to each side denoting it to be a MkII No.2D of mild steel. Overpainted in dark blue to exterior & underside of rim the liner cradle is marked 'TTC' for the firm Teddy Toy Company in Dagenham ( '39-'42 )with the date 1940. An overall nice untouched example.

Code: 10640

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Published WW2 British Home Front Air Raid Shelter Sign

Black & white enamel 40 person Air Raid Shelter sign reputedly found in a Birmingham church crypt with several others.
This actual sign is pictured with the others found with it in the book ' The Home Front , British Wartime Memorabilia 1939-1945 by Peter Doyle & Paul Evans.
Measures 91.5 cm in length & 22.5 cm in height.

Code: 10627

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WW2 British Home Front 'Water Repair Party' Supervisors Helmet

A heavily used early 1938 dated Home Front helmet with the initials to front & back 'RP/W' for Repair Party/Water.
These men were responsible for repairing the many damaged water pipes & drains etc after the bombings. The magnitude of this task frankly does not bare thinking about ! A standard early MkII issue with 'HBH 1938' mark to underside of rim for the firm Harrison Brothers . Both chinstrap lugs 1938 dated. Many of the first produced MkII helmets were issued to the Civil Defence then overpainted with relevant markings as here.
Untouched helmet.

Code: 10632

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WW2 German 7.92mm Ammunition Carton ( Packhulse) With Full Compliment Of 20 Boxes

German cardboard packing sleeve containing 20 empty boxes of what would have been 15 rounds each thus 300 rounds in total in each sleeve. Five of these sleeves ( Packhulse ) would be packed into a standard infantry wooden ammunition box ( Patronenkasten) totalling 1500 rounds in all.
This sleeve has packing label denoting that all of the 7.92mm rifle ammunition rounds are in five round chargers this indicated by the red 'iL' stamped onto each label over the printed nomenclature.
Sleeve & boxes are in near mint condition , no rounds are included.
Rare item to find so complete.

Code: 10641

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WW2 US Garand Cartridge Belt In Jungle Green

A US cartridge belt as used from the late '43 period onwards in green OD7 shade.
The green versions such as here were seen in use by troops serving in the Far east in the late war period . Of wartime manufacture each compartment has pop studded charger divider. Faint marking to reverse which appears to be for the maker ' Hinson MFG Co 1945 '
An excellent example in near perfect condition.

Code: 10635

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WW1 British '08 Pattern Bayonet Frog With Helve Strap

Scarce bayonet frog with the helve holder tab , blancoed in green & in good useable condition.

Code: 10633

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WW2 US Airborne / Paratrooper Jump Boots

A pair of excellent condition WW2 US Airborne jump boots as worn by American paratroopers in WW2. These were also worn in combat by Glider infantry troops who earned the coveted right to wear them being part of the overall Airborne forces in operations such as Normandy where both fought as part of the Allied invasion forces.
The distinctive features of correct paratrooper jump boots are all present with reinforced uppers for ankle support , black rubber anti slip soles & bevelled front edge to the heel to prevent parachute rigging lines becoming entangled during the jump. Soles are totally correct for this type of boot with 'US Army' being visible to both & , although well worn , the famous manufacturer ‘ Good Year’ being just about visible on each heel.
Perfect for mannequin display & coming with the replacement leather laces fitted for visual effect.

Code: 10647

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