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WW1 British 'Roof Found' Trench Cap From Amiens Area Of France

A British WW1 trench cap recently found in the roof of a house in the Amiens area of France.
This pattern of cap was widely seen in the late war period & due to its lightweight construction could be easily stowed away in the soldiers kit when not being worn. This rather worn & threadbare in places cap still bears visible letter under number markings to interior lining . The 'L' is likely a depot marking for 'Lambeth' . There is a split to the front upper seam of the cap where the stitching has gone & the cloth has weakened somewhat with age. Offered completely as found & as a piece of history the circumstances in which this cap came to be tucked into the eaves of a roof there remains to this day a complete mystery !

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WW2 German Infantry NCO Peaked Cap

A very good German infantry NCOs peaked cap from the early war period with totally original & matching insignia that has never been off of the cap.
In nicely age tarnished German silver this standard of insignia quality was soon replaced by the more common aluminium alloy from around 1936 onwards. White piped for infantry the black patent leather chinstrap is in excellent undamaged condition with both side buttons intact. The top is in short napped fine grey wool this giving the whole cap a rather smart appearance. The whole of the interior is in matching colour as per regulations , here in rusty brown.
A very striking cap there are a few pin prick size moth nips to the wool these only noticeable upon close inspection.

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WW2 British Corps Military Police SD Cap

A WW2 British Corps Military Police SD cap with red cover as worn by the 'Redcaps' when on duty.
This khaki wool service dress cap has stiff peak with green card underside & the correct thin leather chinstrap with brass kings crown buttons to sides. The brass kings crown CMP cap badge is affixed to front elasticated red cover to crown. This has been pinched in at rear with stitching by the soldier to tighten it to the cap & displays a good amount of wear to the top with some dirt stains & a couple of very small holes to rear. Interior of the cap shows wear.

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WW1 French Engineers Adrian Helmet ( Machine Guns )

A french M15 Adrian helmet of Engineers with helmet & breastplate badge to front . This helmet has some interesting markings scratched into the underside of the front & rear brims with the non french sounding name ' Meyer' appearing to both but with the addition of a unit marking '3e' & what appears to be 'Campagnie' & the word ' Mitrailleurs' translating to ' Machine Guns ' so this soldier was most likely on one of the machine guns that were a small part of an Engineer units armament for protection.
Helmet has received a hand applied darker blue finish over its lighter factory blue , this according to an order given in 1916 to repaint the conspicuous earlier finish. Engineers badge & crown are firmly affixed with original chinstrap intact. Liner is of two parts , used from 1916 onwards with drawcord intact. Cuts of blue uniform cloth have been used in the construction of the liner system, one of many types of uniform material used.
A complete helmet & with a high proportion of its original paint finish remaining,

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WW1 German Navy ( Marine Kaiserliche) Pennant

A rare original pennant of the WW1 German Navy ( Marine Kaiserliche ) in white doublesided design.
With the Imperial German eagle at centre & Iron Cross in top corner these stiff cotton pennants are not often encountered today.
In decent condition with two or three small stains & only a moth nipped area along edging on reverse side. Excellent display piece measuring just under 31cm in length from edging to its point & 20cm in height.

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Falklands War 1982 Worn British 9th Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers Beret With Letter Of Provenance ...

This well weathered British Airborne beret comes with a letter of provenance dated 27th April 1988 from a former member of 9 Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers stating that he wore it during operations in the Falklands campaign in April/June 1982 as well as on two seperate tours of Northern Ireland whilst attached to A COY 2 PARA from Pathfinder Platoon where , incidentally , he was still serving now as a Warrant Officer at the time of typing the letter.
The beret is a classic Victors produced example as worn from the late 1970s until the mid 1990s . These berets were privately purchased by soldiers & had a distinctively small crown. The black painted Royal Engineers badge is as it came on the beret.

In April 1982, 9 PARA squadron R.E embarked for the Falkland Islands as part of 5 Infantry Brigade. In true sapper tradition, the squadron was involved in the thick of the action from clearing minefields to repairing bridges.

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WW2 British Police ' Blitz' Helmet 1939

The best example of a WW2 British 1939 dated POLICE helmet from the Blitz period that i have yet encountered !
In near mint condition I would guess that this helmet hardly left the police station . In the typical midnight blue with white stencilled ' POLICE' to front the markings to the underside of the helmet can just about be seen as 'BMB ( Briggs Motor Bodies ) . Liner cradle is also marked 'BMB' & clearly 1939 dated.

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WW2 US M1 Helmet & Liner , 1944 Period

A good American M1 steel combat helmet with its original green factory paint & webbing chinstraps remaining .
This helmet is a textbook late 1944 period onwards example with rear seam & swivel bales. The green cork mixed finish is its original wartime paint the shell being a Schleuter made example. The swivel bales were introduced in November 1943 with the rear seam being used as of November 1944 & so these were in use during the late WW2 period. The
webbing 'OD 7' shade chinstraps are totally intact being of the black painted iron alloy used between July 1943 & May 1944. Liner is an example made by 'Mine Safety Appliances ' with green paint finish to exterior & webbing system in good order. The removeable nape strap is dated 1945.
Overall excellent textbook M1 helmet .

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WW1 German ' 66th Infantry Regiment' Machine Gunners Marked P '08 Luger Holster

An excellent WW1 German luger holster in early brown leather with regjmental markings to Infantry Regiment 66.
This prewar production holster has maker stamp ' H.Becker & Co , Berlin ' with unit mark 'I.R.66' beneath this. On the underside of the flap can be seen early inspection markings with the date 1909 & also ' Machine Gun Kompany 1' markings 'MGK1' .
All stitching intact with no damage & original belt loops to rear. Fantastic piece !

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WW2 German Large Capacity Waterbottle

A German waterbottle of 1 litre capacity with metal 1938 dated cup often seen in use by personnel of medical units & mountain troops.
Bottle maker marked & dated 'CFL41' to neck .
Complete with leather cradle & felt cover in excellent condition.

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