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WW2 British Kent Home Guard Private Purchase Helmet

A rare early WW2 private purchase British officers helmet of the Kent Home Guard with black & green camouflage scheme hand brushed to exterior of shell.
This helmet is quite unique in its style & was made on order for the individual officer in the early WW2 period. The helmet shell very much resembles the distinctive pre 1916 WW1 rimless pattern & has had an impressive thick felt padded rubber & sponge liner system fitted for this officer. The leather chinstrap is present. Exterior of the shell is interesting with two coats of a light reed green paint & brush strokes of black applied over this. The black letters 'HG' have been applied to the front both astride the rampant Kent horse emblem on a black circular surround.
Overall surviving in excellent condition with just some dryness & wear to chinstrap. A unique one off officer piece.

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Falklands War 1982 Argentinian Army Airborne Artillery Unit Camouflage Helmet With Para Liner & Goggles

If you are looking for an Argentinian helmet that has clearly seen heavy use in the bitter fighting of the Falklands campaign then this one may be for you.
A very well worn Falklands conflict bringback this helmet has its original well worn & frayed ERDL camouflage cover with original black rubber band & para liner. These para liners are known to have been used by Airborne Artillery Units fighting near Port Stanley.
This helmet also comes as seen with its Argentinian issue goggles.
The helmet shell itself has had repairs with tape to one of its chinstrap lugs whilst the other one is minus. The edges of the camouflage cover have had a soldier adapted tightening cord fitted this being visible within the shell itself. The one remaining para chinstrap is Argentinian rivetted with rust to the metal fittings & heavy fraying around the loop. The American 'Westinghouse' produced para liner has had Argentinian depot refurbishment with two coats of green paint to the exterior.
Goggles & dressing are correct Argentinian issue with the wording ' FRAVIDA No109 INDUSTRIA ARGENTINA ' to rubber of the goggles. There is a name to the inside sponge of the goggles so a possibility of research .
All items coming recently from a private collection as brought back from the Falklands campaign in 1982.

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WW2 Russian SSh36 Helmet 1939 Dated

A very rare SSh36 ( Model 36 ) Russian combat helmet which was the first truly Soviet design much used by Soviet troops in the early campaigns against the Wehrmacht in WW2. This is the model of helmet very much seen in use in the bitter Stalingrad fightings with its unmistakeable flared rim & comb to the top of the helmet. This model was succeeded by the 39 & 40 patterns.
This particular piece has seen much wartime service with Soviet troops in WW2 & still has the distinctive hammer & sickle star painted in red to the front . Its first factory coat paint of reed green is present with the remains of a dark green overpaint on top of this. Inside of the helmet has the remains of a whitewash paint finish which is identical to that found on German helmets that have been through the winter campaigns. A Russian soldiers name has been scratched into the outside of the helmet ( See pictures ) .
Markings to the helmet are in the typical format with a black ink stamp showing size ' Poct' as 3 & with the date '1939' still visible. I am unable to make out the manufacturer code. Batch number of '2546' is visible & preceeded by '3' for the size.
A rare helmet & one that has undoubtedly seen much action !

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WW1 British Wirecutters In '08 Pattern Webbing Carrier 1917

Rare web wirecutter carrier for the 1908 pattern webbing equipment . Mills Equipment company (MECo) marked to rear & 1917 dated.
Wirecutters in very good order & 1916 dated.

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Falklands War 1982 Argentinian Combat helmet

A classic example of an Argentinian steel combat helmet brought back from the Islands after the 1982 conflict.
This helmet displays very typical attributes of an Argentinian helmet of the period with thick granulated dark green camouflage paint to exterior of the shell & the distinctive reed green paint left untouched to the inside. The green vinyl type chinstraps are again typical of Argentinian adaptation with a crude fastening hook to left side & a mixture of stainless steel & steel to the other side. The crudely rivetted liner is again distinctive with liner cradle being of the striped multi coloured webbing with the same chinstrap green vinyl type material used for the headband. Heavy wear is visible to the lining & to the helmet overall.
No doubt one that , by its appearance , saw much use in the Falklands campaign & a fine example of the vast array of crude construction techniques so typical of Argentinian combat helmets in use during this campaign.

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Falklands War 1982 Argentinian Army Helmet

An Argentinian army helmet from the Falklands campaign of 1982 brought back as a souvenir by a British serviceman.
Helmet shell is Argentinian made with deeper set chinstrap brackets & pronounced front lip , the paint finish is in rough green with some rust bleed coming through as is always seen on Argentinian helmets from this campaign. A brush painted marking of 'B' under a half moon appears to inside crown. Liner has soldiers name which appears to read ' GORZELANY ALLIANDAO ' lending itself to research. The 'ad hoc' construction of the liner is typical of Argentinian examples with all manner of materials used in their construction.
A ' been there' helmet the fate of the soldoer who wore it as yet unknown.
This item comes from a long established Falklands War collection we have recently acquired . Many of the items were sourced in the 1980s from servicemen who had returned home with them .

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WW2 German Waffen SS Arm Eagle

A very nice machine woven Waffen SS arm eagle... A recent acquisition brought back from WW2 & sat in a drawer until now !
Tunic removed & in excellent condition.

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WW2 German Luftwaffe LBA Marked Belt & Drooptail Buckle

An early luftwaffe belt set with brown belt leather & first pattern drooptail buckle.
The belt leather is LBA (S) (Luftwaffe Bekleidungsamt Stuttgart ) inspection marked with maker ' Franz Brehne , Walsrode ' & 1937 date. It measures a very acceptable sized 35 inches total length with German '90' cm sizing to end.
The drooptail eagle aluminium buckle is good with leather tab which was cut down by the soldier & is now stiffened. The 'LBA(S)' inspection marking can just about be seen.

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WW1 German M1910 Messtin ( 1914 Dated )

One of the earliest issues of WW1 German mess tins in aluminium this example is the Model 1910 with manufacture date to lid of 1914.
Precious Aluminium was soon replaced with tin & then enamel as the war went on making these early examples very hard to find today. With a good proportion of its factory black paint remaining to this field used example the Dresden maker can be seen to lid with date of '14' .
The excellent work 'Feldzug 1917' by the late Michael Baldwin describes in detail the varying patterns of messtin from 1914 onwards .

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Argentinian Gendarmerie/Navy Netted Camouflage Helmet 1982

This Argentinian camouflage netted helmet has a Navy blue painted liner which would signify use by either troops of the Gendarmerie or Navy who were both on the Island during the campaign.
Helmet shell is a fixed bales front seam refurbished American made example with an Argentinian produced fibre glass liner that has the initials 'FM' for
' Direccion General De Fabricaciones Militares' .

This item comes from a long established Falklands War collection we have recently acquired . Many of the items were sourced in the 1980s from servicemen who had returned home with them .

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