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WW1 German Long Handled Wirecutters

Classic WW1 German all metal long handled wirecutters .
Much of the WW1 German issue equipment was metal handled rather than the wood used by other nations .. this can also be seen on ersatz entrenching tool shovels in the mid to late war period.
These cutters have 'Verbecker Werke GMBH' mark to pinchers & are still operable.

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WW1 German Three Tone Camouflaged Maxim Machine Gun Ammunition Box

A WW1 wooden ammunition box for the German Maxim Machine Gun that has had a three tone camouflage scheme applied.
The box is in its tpyical WW1 format with steel wire handle & push down release catch to its hinged lid. There is a faint ink stamped manufacturer maker mark to the underside of the lid which appears to read ' Holsafia-Werke , Neumann G.m.b.H. ' the rest is illegible. The camouflage scheme is in the classic dark brown , mid brown & forest green the date of its application difficult to determine as these were still in use right through until WW2.
All of the metal fittings are rusty & there are woodworm spatterings in places .

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WW1 German Second Model ' Sappenpanzer' Trench Armour

A fabulous set of the WW1 German trench armour with a very high amount of its all original matching green paint & maker marks of the famous 'Krupp' company. Interestingly it has a very small impact dent of some kind at the top collar area of the breast plate.
A rare & totally original complete set this is the second model which came into service not long after the introduction of the first model in 1916. These second types were a slight improvement on the first model allowing better freedom of movement around the armpit area in a firing position. Upon close examination the armour bears traces of its chemically blackened finish over which much of the original green paint still remains. The lightly scaled finish of the metal shows only light corrosion in places this testament to the highly skilled heat treatment of the metal during
its manufacture . The slightly raised medial ridge of the breast plate is another indication of its later type this being an improvement from the previous bulbous chest design. There are some batch stampings visible on the plates with the distinctive Krupp symbol. The slotted strap brackets to the chest plate are intact with its original webbing straps being held in place to the lower plates by the use of heavy staple stitches. The felt pads , intended to reduce noise, are attached by the same webbing straps with double rows of stitching. All of the pads & webbing straps are 100 % original to the set with some decay to the webbing in places ( Left side has a break ) which has been reinforced with crudely applied stitching to strengthen it. As an extra precaution to preserve the rest of the old webbing , string has been used to take the weight of the plates when displayed in a hung position as it would have been worn.
Overall a very rare piece to find and coming from the same excellent collection as some of our other recent WW1 pieces.

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WW1 British Tank Crew Mask

With the current market full of fake WW1 British tank masks I am pleased to be able to offer this totally 100% original example complete with its original fastening tapes which have never been off.
These iconic chainmail masks were issued to British tank crewmen in WW1 to protect against splinters & bullet splash which were an ever present hazard within the confines of Britains early tanks.
Available as of November 1917 it consisted of a leather covered two part metal plate with slitted eyepieces & a chainmail face guard . To the face side of the mask was a cotton wool lined soft chamois leather covering neatly handstitched at its outer edges where the outer covering meets the inner. Two head ties are stitched to the side brackets.
This example is complete with all of its leather face covering , its inner chamois face lining & its totally original ties. Showing minor wear the leather is undamaged & free from rot with all of the chainmail intact. The stitching around the edges is very skilfully applied & well seated in as only natural age can do.
A rare original item of WW1 British tank crewmens protective headgear.

Code: 10500

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1982 Falklands War Argentinian Infantry Helmet

If you are looking for one iconic example of an Argentinian infantry helmet this superb ' been in the thick of it ' recently acquired example may be for you.
Typical of the conscripts of the Argentinian Infantry regiments the green hood from the winter parka has been fitted around the shell with rubber inner tube used as a securing band. Totally original to the helmet this has always been in place & shows an unweathered freshness of colour to the unexposed areas underneath the rubber band. Helmet shell is an American made example , surplus stocks of US M1 shells were used, as well as their own in roughly equal quantities ( Around 50%) . Webbing straps very typically showing heavy wear with hook end minus. Helmet liner shows typical Argentinian features to the liner with ad hoc rivet placement from Argentinian depot refurbishment.
A classic one look Argentinian camouflage helmet that has come straight from the battlefield of the Falklands Islands.

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1982 Falklands War Argentinian Infantry Helmet

More pictures of above item code 10508..

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WW1 British No.5 Grenade 1916

A very clean example of the iconic WW1 British No.5 grenade dated 1915.
Complete with pin , lever & brass base cap marked No.5 T.A&S 2/16'. The manufacturer initials TA&S stand for Thomas Adshead & Sons Ltd .
Filling cap can be removed to allow visual inspection of its empty interior.

UK sales only excluding Scotland & Ireland

*** Inert & Free From Explosive***

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WW1 French Infantry M15 Adrian Helmet

A WW1 French infantry M15 Adrian helmet complete with original chinstrap .
This helmet is an early example having a first pattern one piece brown leather liner with horizon blue wool uniform backing to its reverse. Drawstring present . Aluminium ventilation spacers are present to each side. Made by the firm ' La Compagnie Coloniale ' with size stamp 'B3'. Slightly domed steel split pins secure the crest with its early chinstrap detached at one end.

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WW1 British '03 Pattern Cavalry Bandolier 1917

A 1917 dated 50 round '03 pattern cavalry bandolier as worn by mounted soldiers such as Cavalry & Artillery gunners.
Marked with maker name & 1917 date there are soe later issue markings to the reverse side of the leather.
In good condition with no damage to pockets or fastening studs.

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British 1903 Pattern Bayonet & Scabbard

A 1903 pattern bayonet with very good undamaged walnut grips & much of its original blueing remaining to metal surfaces of bayonet.
Pommel has crossed out regimental markings '3RB 337' with issue date ' 3 '04 ' to ricasso. Pommel catch is operational. Blade is good & bright with no unsightly pitting. Black leather scabbard has broad arrow mark to reverse of leather .

Code: 10511

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