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WW1 French M15 Infantry Battle Damaged Adrian Helmet

A rare French M15 infantry Adrian helmet with battle damage to left side . Any battle damaged WW1 helmet in non relic condition is very hard to find the iconic French Adrian being no exception.
A visual inspection of the damage ascertains a clear entry point with a large exit next to it on the same side. Having entered the left rear wall of the shell it has then skimmed along the side wall of the helmet & exited approximately 3-4cm further along. The leather liner displays light scarring at the entry point however due to the trajectory of its entry this has not been penetrated. I am unable to definatively ascertain whether it is shrapnel or bullet damage however either are equally as sobering !
This early production 'Poilu' helmet still has its totally original flaming grenade badge of the infantry to front with dark blue overpaint to its earlier blue finish. Liner is of the early one piece first pattern with dark blue uniform cloth off cut to reverse. The size '57' is stamped into the front of the liner. Chinstrap only partially present.
In very good condition & a scarce Adrian .

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WW2 US ' British Made ' GP Bag

A 'British Made' webbing GP bag with 'British Made' carrying strap made by Britain for America under the Lendlease agreement .
These bags were used by American troops for the carriage of extra ammunition , magazines , grenades etc & were popular with American paratroopers.
Marked ' US' to front of bag & carrying strap it also the markings ' BRITISH MADE' with 1944 date to bag.
A scarce piece of US kit to find.

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Falklands War 1982 Argentinian Camouflage Helmet With R.I.25 Interest

A well worn Argentinian combat helmet brought back from the Falklands campaign by a British soldier in 1982.
This helmet recently came to me via a private source & is presented completely as found , uncleaned & just as it was brought back. On this example we can see the ex American stocks camouflage Mitchell cover fitted onto the helmet with a thick black rubber band holding it in place. Careful lifting of the band enables us to see the discolouration comparison due to weathering on the cover. Known to have been used by Argentinian troops many of these were purchased by soldiers of RI25 ( Infantry Regiment 25 ) from the army surplus store ' Charlies Surplus ' prior to Falklands deployment. Lifting the inside tongues of the cover a cross can be seen marked onto the material this applied by the US & indicating obsolete stocks.
Much engrained dirt & wear can be seen to its outside. Chinstraps are both of typical Argentinian depot refurb standard with rivets & heavy wear to each side. Liner is well worn with the usual rusty metal clips & fittings typical of Falklands recovered helmets.
An iconic piece which was most likely worn by a member of R.I.25.

C Company of RI 25 fought at Goose Green & was considered an elite formation which had received commando training.

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WW2 German Medic Surgical Kit 1943

Small medical/Surgical kit contained within its grey rubber case that is maker marked to Bollman Tuttlingen 1943 & waffenamt stamped.
This small kit was part of the medics field equipment & comes as shown with all of the components photographed. Some of the implements are 'Sheffield' marked .

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WW2 German Panzer Regt.3 Photograph Album ( 2nd Panzer Division )

A fascinating Panzer photograph album to a mans service with 1.Kompanie , Panzer-Regiment 3
This album is packed with photographs of panzer crewmen wearing early black tank wrapovers & panzer berets as well as tanks & some bunker positions. At the front of the album is a postcard sized photograph of the Panzer soldier in black wrapper uniform & the famous panzer beret. To this postcard is the wording in German gothic script ' Zur Erinnerung An Meine Militardienstzeit ' ( A Reminder Of My Military service ) . The very front page is entitled 'Weinachten 1937' ' Gewidmet Von Der Kompanie ' & signed by the ' Hauptmann und Kompaniechef ' ( Captain ) .
All in excellent condition.

Panzer Regiment 3 was part of the 2nd Panzer Division who fought in such famous engagements as the invasion of Poland , Battle of France , Battle of Greece, Operation Barbarossa , Battle of Kursk , Invasion of Normandy & the Battle of the Bulge. It suffered heavy losses in central Poland & after heavy losses on the Eastern Front was sent to France for rehabilitation in 1944. Almost completely destroyed in the Falaise Pocket it was once more rebuilt & fought in the Ardennes in 1944 through to the Rhine in 1945 before surrendering to US forces at the wars end.

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WW1 M15 French Infantry Adrian Helmet

A textbook large sized early M15 French Adrian helmet in the first shiny light blue colour that was found to be less than ideal when it came to being inconspicuous to the enemy. This colour predates June 1916 when a dark blue overpaint was authorised to overcome the compromising issue of a shiny bright blue finish. Much of this early paint finish remains with a few minor scuffs to the surface area.
The flaming grenade 'RF' ( Republique Francais ) badge to front was worn not only by infantry but also by cavalry troops as well & is totally original to this helmet.
Another indication of this helmets early manufacture is the one piece leather liner , there were multi constructed as of September 1916 to save on leather. It is backed with blue uniform cloth & has has its corrugated aluminium adjustment strips still present. When one carefully examines the interior crown of the helmet a black ink stamp with an anchor flanked either side by a 'c' can be seen. This is not , as sometimes erroneously described , anything to do with the Navy but the manufacturer stamp of the company 'La Compagnie Coloniale' . At least eight manufactureres are known to have made the M15 Adrian helmet.
Leather chinstrap is in excellent original condition with no damage & an intact black buckle & brass securing stud.
A quite stunning example of the very earliest of french Adrian helmet.

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WW2 German MP40 Sling

Rare original WW2 MP40 sling in good used condition.
Sling comes complete with original leather keeper
& is in correct checquered brown/black leather with the two adjustment holes correct for the MP40. Eagle & swastika marking to pointed end .
No tears to leather & can be used .

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WW2 German K98 Pouch Pair

A pair of K98 cartridge pouches to hold two 5 round clips of 7.92mm ammunition in each segment .
Both RB number marked to rear & in good condition with no damage.

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WW2 French M26 Artillery Adrian Helmet

WW2 French M26 Artillery Adrian helmet with crossed cannons roundel badge of the 1937 pattern.
Iconically worn during the Battle For France by French troops these helmets differed slightly from the M15 Adrian being of one piece & in the khaki green of the modern French army. Helmet has a very high proportion of its factory paint finish remaining & comes complete with its original chinstrap. Liner intact. There are a few very small bumps to the outer shell indicating heavy service wear with some minor scuffs to the paint & age overall.
An excellent textbook example of the early WW2 French helmet as worn during the early Battle for France in 1940.

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WW2 German M40 Untouched Bringback Luftwaffe Helmet

A totally original bringback German M40 Luftwaffe helmet which has been in private hands ever since the end of WW2.
In the classic wartime textured blue grey paint of the luftwaffe the decal is nearly 100% intact & is of the 'dotless wing' variation often found on later produced helmets of the M40 model. An excellent large size the shell bears the maker mark & size 'Q66' with a lot number of 'DN 226' . This would place the helmets manufacture as 1942.
Condition wise this helmet has been in the shed for many years however is in surprisingly excellent condition with the factory blue grey paint of the outer shell still being quite strikingly intact & impressively better than most . All three liner pins retain their blue factory paint these again being 100% intact & totally matching in paint to the rest of the helmet.
An examination of the liner band ascertains its still tight fit to the helmet with age buildup behind it & some light rust visible on the straight arms of the pins. The leather liner is well used with some dark stains evident. The leather is supple with a small area to the rear minus. Showing some evidence of its shed storage there is some light rust in places however it is as it came to me totally as found !
Certainly a time capsule of a piece & most likely one of the last surviving 'bringback' pieces .

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