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WW2 British N.W.Europe Royal Artillery Helmet Complete With Remains Of Camouflage Net

A classic 1944 period N.W Europe theatre British Royal Artillery flashed helmet still with its camouflage net fitted & 1940 date to liner.
This helmet is offered completely as found , uncleaned & with its original chinstrap still present. It is an early manufacture MkII with cruciform crash pad & markings to cradle arm ' 7 VERO 1940 ' .
There is some overall age to helmet from outbuilding storage & no doubt an interesting story that we shall never know !

Code: 9913

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WW2 German FJR6 Camouflage Pioneers Saw

Rare German pioneers saw overpainted in the green & tan Normandy camouflage scheme often attributed to that used by the 6th Regiment Fallschirmjager.
Saw is in very good used condition with all of its brown wooden half handle intact & the maker name & date of ' RKE-STEIGO 1943' to blade. Its black prestoff carrier is three letter maker coded to reverse with date 1942. The green & tan overpaint is typical of that used on helmets & also various other combat equipment . Coming from an old European collection this piece turned up at a fleamarket near St.Lo in the seventies.

Code: 9899

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WW2 German Matching Numbered & Leutnant Named Luftwaffe Ground Combat Troops Gas Mask Set

A very nice gas mask set that has been used by Luftwaffe ground combat troops still in its factory green paint but with luftwaffe blue painted to the bottom of the tin & to the spare lense compartment which has also the name & rank ' WENTZLOFF Ltn' ( Leutnant ) painted over the top of it. This name also appears on the long neck strap of the gas mask. The gas mask number '252' is painted onto the neck of the canister & to the snout of the gas mask. The date '44' & three letter maker code is visible to the snout also with '42 date to canister pulltab. There is a waffenamt marking ink stamped to the inner edge of the gas mask facepiece. Filter is a model Fe37.
Both long & short straps are 100% original wartime manufacture & have always been with it.

Code: 9898

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WW2 US Garand Belt 1943

A WW2 US 1943 dated Garand belt in dark green.
All pockets have snap fastened dividers with date & manufacturer ink stamp to reverse.
A near unused example.

Code: 9905

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WW2 British Royal Naval/ Marines Commando / Naval Landing Forces Admiralty Pattern Battledress Trousers

A very rare pair of Admiralty Pattern battledress trousers worn by specialist Royal Marine & Navy Commandos nominally those of 30 Assault Unit whose task it was to move ahead of advancing Allied forces & capture much needed intelligence such as codes, documents , equipment or personnel before the enemy had a chance to destroy it. Famous James Bond author Ian Fleming was a key figure involved in its organisation when formed in September 1942 & initially known as the Special Intelligence Unit.
These trousers still have their J.Compton Son & Webb Ltd clothing label to rear outside waist marked ' ADMIRALTY REF 01 15/82/41 TROUSERS , BATTLE DRESS '. They are in the early '37 pattern style & have an Anti gas treatment ink stamp ' 1 /DC 1/42 AV' ( Anti-Vessicant 1942 ) so production prior to this date . They are in excellent condition with no moth or damage. Waist size measures an approx 32inch with 31inch inside leg.
A rare pair of trousers & the only pair we have ahd the fortune to acquire.

Code: 9906

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WW2 US Mounted Issue Cartridge Belt 1941

A very nice clean example of the GI issue cartridge belt for .30 Garand rifle ammunition .
Tan webbing so good early to midwar production with maker on back & date which appears to be 1941. There are individual charger keepers to each of its ten pockets & a snap fastener to the front left side for a pistol magazine pouch.
Very nice used example .

Code: 9904

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WW1 British Haversack ( Patt 08/14 Converted ) 1916 Dated

A good WW1 haversack complete with matching in colour 08 pattern shoulder strap . These patterns are considered a hybrid to work with both sets of equipment .
Dated 1916 to underside of the top flap & maker marked to ' T.B (L) Ltd ' & with broad arrow above number '145' . Comes with its original '08 shoulder strap faintly maker marked & dated to 'MECo1916' .

Code: 9907

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WW2 German A Frame Bag 1943

WW2 German A Frame bag with maker code & date '43'.
Good used condition with all fittings intact.

Code: 9908

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WW2 British Home Front Ephemera Group

A small grouping of WW2 Home Front ephemera all from the same family.

1. Identity Card dated 1943

2. Photo of man in WW1 Service Dress

3. Pamphlet ' Your Home As An Air Raid Shelter

4. Pamphlet ' Your Food In War Time'

5. National Service Booklet 1939

Code: 9914

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WW2 Soviet Russia M40 Combat Helmet

A scarce original example of the Russian SSh 40 helmet this being the 1940 pattern superseding the 1939 model.
In the typical wartime green of Russian manufacture it is complete with its three pad liner system & also the totally correct web chinstrap arrangement secured with rivet studs .
Liner pads are of the distinctive oilcloth material with natural felt strips to the reverse. Patterns on the liner pads can vary in appearance with two of these here being the same & the third one slightly different. All pads are still padded. Tightening cord still present. The steel heat number can be seen to the rear of the helmet shells underside.
On the front is painted the red star of Soviet Russia , this was only ever applied at regimental level & not at the factory so can vary greatly.
Overall an untouched helmet of the Russian army & a very hard piece to find now.

Code: 9901

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