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Rare Falklands War Argentinian Helmet From 7th Inf. Regiment Who Fought At Mount Longdon & Wireless Ridge

An iconic & now very rare Falklands war Argentinian army helmet from Regiment Infantry 7 who fought at Mount Longdon & Wireless Ridge. This helmet was brought back from the Islands as a souvenir after the campaign.
Typical of many seen in period photographs being worn by the Argentinian conscripts with winter parka hoods as camouflage covers the exterior has extensive weathering , grime & wear to its outside typically indicative of those Argentinian combat helmets that were actually worn in the Falklands campaign. The thick black rubber band has always been in place on the helmet & shows an unweathered freshness of colour to the unexposed areas underneath it. On examination of the covers underside within the helmet the black ink marking 'RI7' can be clearly seen which I believe is a regiment stamp. Helmet shell is an American made example , surplus stocks of US M1 shells were used, as well as their own in roughly equal quantities by their forces. Helmet liner shows typical Argentinian features to the liner with ad hoc rivet placement. The soldiers name has been handwritten onto the leather headband with the conscript intake number 'S/C 68' still being legible, The name is very hard to read however maybe decipherable upon closer inspection.
A textbook one look Argentinian camouflage helmet that has come straight from the battlefield brought back by a British soldier who served there.

This helmet comes from a recently rediscovered private collection I have just purchased of Argentinian items that were gathered from Falklands veterans in the 1980s' & 1990s'.

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WW1 Russian Adrian Model 1915-16 Helmet

A very rare WW1 Russian Adrian Model 1915-16 helmet in the chestnut brown colour used to match the Russian uniforms .
The Russians ordered 2,048000 Adrian helmets from the French however France was only able to supply 340,000 by the end of 1916. They were identical to the French issue apart from the Russian badge & brown colour ( Of which different shades will be encountered ) .
This fine piece has remained in excellent condition with a high percentage of its original chestnut brown remaining. The Russian badge featuring the double head of Imperial Russia is totally original to the helmet & remains firmly in place. See images for prong detail. An early one piece liner can be seen to the inside with its original chinstrap remaining in place. There are some Russian markings to underside of rear brim.
Even with the large number of these Russian helmets produced they remain difficult to find this believed to be due to Russia being involved in a number of conflicts following the abdication of the Tsar & the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk on the 15th December 1917 ending the war between Russia & the central powers. These helmets continued to be used usually with the Imperial badge removed from the front . Other countries made use of the Russian helmet again usually involving the removal of the original badge.
A piece that has survived in very good condition & rarely encountered today.

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Falklands War 1982 Argentinian Marine Infantry Camouflage Helmet

A battlefield recovered Argentinian Marine infantry helmet with fitted camouflage cover.
This iconic helmet has the Marine cover made from Argentine Marine ERDL shirt material & is of multi piece construction made to fit the helmet. It shows very heavy wear with dirt & grime engrained into the helmet typical of those that saw prolonged action in the hard fought Falklands campaign.
The liner is well worn with a large 'B' drawn on the top of the helmet & faint traces of a name to the underside of the webbing yoke.
A fabulous battlefield worn Argentinian combat helmet becoming very hard to find in this untouched 'brought back' condition.

This helmet comes from a recently rediscovered private collection I have just purchased of Argentinian items that were gathered from Falklands veterans in the 1980s' & 1990s'.

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Falklands War 1982 Argentinian Marine Infantry Camouflage Helmet

More pictures of item 10021 .

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WW1 French Standard WW1 Issue Model 1893/14 Field Pack

An excellent example of the French field pack in grey green canvas with its brown leather carrying & equipment straps & 1918 date . To the rear is the name of an infantryman from Infantry Regiment 95.
This model originates from the earlier 1893 model which was very similar but in black. In 1914 it was changed to this model in grey green canvas with a few improvements to the interior & then made right up until the end of the war. Very hard to find in any condition that is even near acceptable this piece has survived remarkably well with all of its leather straps & fittings being undamaged , supple & in good order. Its two carrying straps to the rear are both intact with leather tabs for the strapping of other equipment to the top , sides & bottom of the pack. An inspection stamp can be clearly seen to the underside of the top flap with the date of 1918 . To the rear of the pack has been handwritten the details of the soldier
' ROS M.D.L. HERAL.R Ri 95' an infantryman from Regiment Infantry 95.

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WW2 French Camouflage Netted M35 Helmet As Worn Commandos De Choc Southern & Eastern France 1944/45

A rare French M35 steel helmet with camouflage net adaptation originally applied. These were often worn in this manner by French Expeditionary troops & Commandos de Choc who fought in operations/raids in Italy later went on to fight in areas of Southern & Eastern France such as Toulon, St.Etienne & Lyon.
Specifically designed for tank crews , AFV crews & cavalry personnel, the standard M35 helmet was widely worn by French motorised troops in the run up to WW2 & certainly saw much action during the 1940 invasion of France when she fielded , as a nation, a much larger number of Armoured vehicles than the Germans .
Badged to the front with the flaming grenade it has the camouflage net adeptly stitched into the front of the helmet & then securely tied to the rest of the helmet in its entirety. An early production , this indicated by the front pad not extending underneath the metal lip of the shell which was improved upon in later productions to protect the forehead area even further. The leather liner system has been better secured into place at the time with metal wire down each side holding the clips of the band more securely to prevent movement when in heavy wear. There is the soldiers name & also the largely illegible manufacturers ink stamp to underside of liner with date of what appears to be 1936.
A fantastic piece of French combat history , service used & oozing history from the later fighting of Eastern & Southern France towards the end of WW2.

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Falklands War 1982 Battle Damaged Argentinian Army Helmet

A 'straight from the battlefield' Argentinian combat helmet that has battle damage to the front right of the shell & the liner.
Helmet was originally a fully netted helmet this now visible around the base of the helmet extending where it is fitted underneath & around the chinstrap brackets. The shell is an Argentinian depot made example with lower fitted chinstrap brackets than the American versions & with a slightly more protruding front lip. Liner has the number '28' to top & has the familiar crude rivetting holding the webbing in place. The distinctive green leatherette type headband is also very typical.
Displaying heavy wear throughout & a timeless piece of Falklands war history.

This helmet comes from a recently rediscovered private collection I have just purchased of Argentinian items that were gathered from Falklands veterans in the 1980s' & 1990s'.

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WW2 British Royal Artillery Helmet 1940

An early untouched Royal Artillery helmet coming completely as found with blue & red flash to side of the Royal Artillery.
This mkII steel combat helmet is painted in the typical army khaki with an early oval dome pad & 1940 date to underside of rim. The maker initials ' EC&Co Ltd ' are for the Birmingham firm ' E Camelinat & Co Ltd who made these from 1939 - 1942. A helmet that has seen service wear complete with chinstrap .

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WW2 No.38 Wireless Set Instruction Card

Rare original ' Working Instructions' card for the No.38 Wireless set .
Fabulous piece of British wireless set history & a very difficult item to find .

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WW1 British Unblancoed '08 Webbing Cartridge Pouch

An unblancoed '08 pattern Left side cartridge pouch in good condition with all buckles & fittings complete.
'MECO' marked to rear strap for Mills Equipment Company & 1919 dated with broad arrow mark.

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