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WW1 French M1886 Other Ranks Pith Helmet With Rare Khaki Cover

A scarce French M1886 other ranks Pith helmet with its rare khaki cover issued as of 1914 still fitted.
Like many items of French uniform, equipment & headdress seen in use during WW1 these were of a much earlier model but still in service by Colonial troops in WW1. Of cork construction they were covered with unbleached cotton drill & were lined internally with black cotton. This wonderful piece has an intact black leather adjustable sweatband very reminiscent of those sometimes found in kepis. A blue paper size sticker of '59' is still present with a Paris depot inspection stamp next to it. Brown leather chinstrap intact. The hard to find khaki cover is of four piece construction with tightening lace under the rear seam.
A superb French Colonial Troops piece !

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WW2 German Late War 'Prestoff' MG Gunners Pouch

A late war MG Gunners pouch in black prestoff coming complete with internal compartment for Anti Aircraft spiders sight & side clip .
Made of Prestoff ( pressed card ) this was a substitute used by the German manufacturing industry to save on leather in the mid to late war period. The front fastening strap & rear belt loops are still leather. A faint wartime three letter maker code can be seen stamped into the front strap with a weapon number '7537' faintly visible. All stitching is firm & original to the pouch with all original wartime rivets & internal compartments.

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WW2 German Single Decal Named Army Helmet With Thick Grey Woodchip Overpaint

A classic German M35 army single decal combat helmet with a thick woodchip mixed dark grey overpaint.
It is well recorded that M35 helmets received a textured finish to dullen down the earlier smooth factory finish in 1940 however this is alot thicker with woodchip having been mixed into the paint to create a heavily granulated effect . All of the three liner pins are original to the helmet & undisturbed. Interior is is still in its smooth paint with the name & rank 'Gefr.Gotz' ( Gefreiter - Corporal ) to rear underside of rim. Helmet maker & size of 'ET64' denotes the firm Eisenhutten,Thale with batch number to rear '21781'. The zinc banded pigskin liner is intact with original tightening cord. Chinstrap is as it came with the helmet having maker & 1940 date. There is much wear to the leather with a small stress tear to one part which requires care.
Overall there is evidence of heavy use to this untouched helmet with some scuffing to exterior & a quite indistinct rust patch to front left side.

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WW2 British D-Day Normandy Hampshire Regiment Bren Gunner Paybook Grouping

A fascinating British army AB64 paybook grouping to an infantry soldier who was in combat in the Western Desert , N.Africa & Normandy serving as a Bren Gunner in a Carrier platoon. As a result of all this he appears to have suffered combat stress & was sentenced to Military prison time following Court Martial.
Initially volunteering for Boys service in 1935 he joined the Suffolk Regiment in September 1938 & served with them until october 1942 . During this time he did Parachute training with 151 Parachute Battalion in Delhi before returning back to the infantry at his request . He then saw service on the NW Frontier, India before then seeing action in the Western Desert & N.Africa in 1942 where he had treatment for bad nerves. He then served with the Queens Regiment before joining the Hampshires in April 1944. His actual landing date in Normandy is slightly confusing as his medical record states he was first wave of assault troops on D Day with 38 days of heavy action following this . His Pensions record of December 1946 shows a slightly different date of landing in Normandy on 16/6/44 however this may well be a civilian error which was certainly not uncommon in even the immediate postwar years. Either way he fought heavily at Arromanches & Le Hamel with the 43rd Wessex Division or the 50th Northumbrian Infantry . After very heavy fighting one day he was ordered to join another section for more fighting but felt that he ' could manage no more without rest ' & was subsequently court martialled. He served 237 days in a Detention Barracks but this was suspended following medical reports. The Medical officer writing this report states that he believes problems started with the mans health following an earlier exhaustion breakdown after being in action in N.Africa.
Within the group there are various letters relating to his Pensionable service & Medical report along with some personal family photographs.
A fascinating grouping to a man who was in heavy combat in the early days of the Normandy fighting at Arromanches & Le Hamel & who in todays understanding was apparently suffering from combat stress as a result of this .

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WW1 French M1879 Zouave & Tirailleur Fez , 1916 Dated

A rare WW1 French Fez with 1916 dated inspection stamp . These were worn by Zouave & Tirailleurs troops & are very difficult to find today.
Made from red woollen felt it has a light cotton band with inspection stamp dated 29th February 1916 . The size stamp of '58' is also visible. Having survived in excellent condition there are some moth nips & tracking however nothing detrimental to such a rare piece of WW1 French headdress.

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WW1 French 1914 Pattern Other Ranks Colonial Tunic Dated 1916

A WW1 French model 1914 other ranks tunic as worn by Colonial troops & those of the Army of Africa. Very nicely inspection stamped with 1916 dates.
Made of khaki canvas material this example has five button front fastening with a line stitched standup collar. There are two outside hip pockets with button fastened straight flaps . All buttons on the tunic are grey painted metallic with embossed flaming grenades of infantry. Left breast has an internal pocket of light cotton with an ' Alger ' manufacturers stamp & French inspection mark both dated 1916. In overall good worn condition there is some expected bleaching to the material & some small rust stains to right armpit area.
Of all the French colonies in WW1 Algeria represented the largest supplier of material resources & manpower for France along with West Africa.

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WW2 German MG13 MG Gunners Pouch & Contents

WW2 German gunners pouch for the MG13 machine gun sold with the contents as seen listed here.
In very good condition with carrying strap the pouch has an eagle & swastika waffenamt marking to rear.

***UK sales only***

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WW2 German Army Belt & Buckle With Microphone Pouch

A WW2 German army belt & aluminium buckle which turned up recently still having the pouch for the microphone still on it.
Belt buckle still has its leather tab maker marked & dated 1936 with pouch waffenamt marked & dated 1941. Belt leather dated 1943.

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WW2 German Ammunition Tin In Aluminium 1939

Early WW2 German ammunition tin in aluminium for MG34/42 belted 7.92mm rounds.
Some of its original dark grey paint remaining , all of the rivets are later replacements.

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WW2 British E Tool Set ( Normandy Find )

Standard British army issue Entrenching tool head with broad arrow marking & date 1941 still fixed onto its '44' dated wooden helve that has the bayonet fitting on one end to facilitate mine probing ( issued as of mid war). Found in the Hill 112 area some years ago it is testament to the determined resistance met by British & Allied forces during the battle for Hill 112 in the Summer of 1944.

An item I owned some years ago & recently purchased back with other items.

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