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WW2 British RAC Helmet With Original Camouflage Net

A fabulous untouched early example of the British Armoured Crew helmet , much seen in use by tank crews during the Normandy campaign.
These helmets were developed from the 1942 Airborne Troops helmet & were issued to armoured vehicle crews from March 1943. This is the very first model with early liner system & MkII webbing chinstrap & as such is a difficult helmet to find from the fighting in North West Europe. Totally as found with all its original paint & a very faded & weathered net still fitted . The liner cradle shows heavy wear however remains mostly supple with the maker BMB & date 1942 still visible to one arm.
A very rare helmet to find today.

Code: 9326


WW2 German Waffen SS Planetree No.5 Zeltbahn

A very good Waffen SS camouflage zeltbahn of the midwar period in No.5 Planetree camouflage.
This example displays classic midwar period construction attributes with the No.5 only appearing on the both sides of one segment & a combination of screen print & machine roller having been used in its manufacture. The practice of aligning a left & a right side planetree '5' together had already given way to mass production by the time this zelt was produced & so we can date this example from the 1943-44 period. This is an excellent Waffen SS field used example with all of the metal grommets intact & all but one of its original metal dished buttons remaining. There are some stitch repairs to each corner & a couple of small holes to the material in places ( Please see images ) .
Overall a fabulous original example of this desirable camouflage SS zeltbahn.

Code: 9324


WW2 German AfrikaKorps Overseas Cap

A totally original & scarce large sized Afrika Korps mans overseas cap with its original factory sewn 'blue' on tan bevo eagle & tan backed cockade to front of cap.
In the classic olive drab ribbed twill of these popular caps , it shows no wear & is likely to be an unissued example.
The red cotton lining displays the black ink stamped size of 60 with RB Number & numbering above this. The segmented air ventilation grommets are distinctive on original pieces as can be seen here.
A near perfect example with all original insignia !

Code: 9320

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WW2 US M1 Fixed Bales , Front Seam Helmet

If you are are looking for a very good textbook US M1 helmet with front seam & fixed bales of the early issue then this example may be for you. The format of this helmet matches those known to have been used in the Normandy campaign with early productions having been issued to the troops in the US before they left for training in England on the run up to the Normandy campaign.
All M1 helmets went to swivel bales in late 1943, early 1944 so this predates those productions.
This untouched wartime example is still in its original wartime cork mixed green factory paint with liner system that dates from the 1943 period. Made by Mc Cord , the shell bears a serial number of '40A' which would date manufacture to one of the first runs in the late 1941 period. The chinstrap buckle is one of the first produced cast brass models , often carried over from previous production for the WW1 M1917-A1 helmet. These are distinctive with a rim to their reverse & the one dimple on this piece being typical. It is also of note that the J hook has the first issue of sharp pointed sheared ends .. these were changed to a more simplified model in 1943. The paint finish does remain quite stunning.
Helmet liner is also in quite excellent condition with headband contract number of 'QM- 16894 SLP Co' awarded to the Springfield Leather Prod.Co on date November 5th 1943. Made by Westinghouse , the 'W' within a circle is clearly visible to the crown of the helmet. Nape strap has correct blackened brass 'UNITED CARR' marked snap fasteners . A very high percentage of its factory green paint remains to exterior.
Overall an excellent textbook M1 helmet from the 1943 period.

Code: 9329

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WW1 British Army Regimentally Marked Cold Weather Fur Waistcoat

A rare regimentally marked WW1 British soldiers fur waistcoat as worn by the BEF early on in WW1. A very similar example can be seen in the archives of the Imperial War Museum this being a recognised pattern & certainly one of a variety of different examples that were utilised at that time.
This piece has a large WW1 ink stamp of ' 7 MR 13 'to its interior in the style typical of those WW1 regimental marks sometimes found. This would most logically signify either the 7th Battalion Middlesex or Manchester regiment. There is a name to the reverse of ' R.LEES ' which may well lend itself to research. These sleeveless jerkins were both issued & locally made & were widely used during the early war winters of 1914 & 1915 before the introduction of the well known blanket lined leather jerkin. Constructed with the fleece on the inside it fastens by means of a double breasted toggle tied front. There is also a corner fastening such as seen on the 'wrapover' RFC Maternity tunics. There are heavy leather reinforcing patches used in the construction on weaker areas such as the shoulder seam area & also as the platforms for toggle fasteners which would be prone to stress during use. A tightening system is visible to the rear again using the crude toggle tie fasteners. Overall condition is very good with all of the string ties present & toggles undamaged . Just one stress tear to front corner edge of the skin for which I can make no apologies !
A rare item & a recorded pattern .. not many survive today.

Code: 9330

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WW2 British MkII Blitz Period 'POLICE' Helmet 1938

A very good 1938 dated British Police helmet with white stencilled lettering on dark blue.
This exact pattern of helmet was worn by London Police officers during the Blitz & is an iconic representation of the British Home Front in the early 1940s.
Marked to the underside of the rim with the maker initials 'HBH' for Harrison Bros & Howson & the date 1938 the rexene liner has the early oval dome pad with 'VERO' maker to cradle & matching date of 1938. Web chinstrap retains its elasticity.

Code: 9319

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WW2 German Working 'Drill' Tunic ( Drillichjacke ) 1940

An excellent 1940 dated example of the German drill uniform jacket in off white linen material.
These were worn by German troops as working dress & only displayed rank insignia if any at all. Much worn by German troops they were manufactured in olive green from February 1940 onwards due to camouflage considerations. It was this early pattern of tunic that lead to the later introduction of the summer HBT combat tunic from 1942 onwards.
Much seen in wear by troops manning bunker positions these are a classic part of the German soldiers uniform worn also as a winter camouflage garment over the combat jacket in some instances.
Marked in red ink with the maker 'Zyrardowen Manufakturen' with dice stamped size markings & inspection depot initial & date 'H40'. All of its removeable grey pebbled buttons are present with hook & eye to collar.

Code: 9333

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WW2 German Kriegsmarine Theodolite In Original Case

A WW2 German Kriegsmarine instrument being a Theodolite contained within its original grey green Carl Zeiss marked Kriegsmarine case.
Both box & instrument are marked to Carl Zeiss with the instrument bearing a serial number & kriegsmarine waffenamt M IV marking . Box has the same waffenamt marking to interior of lid with paper 'Achtung ' instruction label intact . There are some scuffs & light wear overall.

Code: 9331

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WW1 French M1877 Canteen ( WW1 Standard 'Ersatz' Issue )

A French 2 litre waterbottle of the early WW1 period in ribbed grey cloth typical of the many differing 'ersatz' forms of bottle authorised on 28th October 1914.
Initially infantry troops in the European theatre were issued with one litre bottles however after the first few battles at the opening of WW1 they were all issued with the 2 litre version which , due to the sudden high demand, came in a wide variety of different covers . Regulations stipulated that they must be attachable to the body on the march & able to sit with stability on a table. This example has survived in very good condition with black iron buckled leather carrying strap, cork stopper & leather lacing fastener intact to cover. There is one small tear to the leather at one end. Name/unit issue label to bottom .

Code: 9328

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WW2 German 6 X 30 Dienstglas Binoculars & Case

An excellent pair of German 6 X 30 Dienstglas with waffenamt marked & 1941 dated neck strap complete with black bakelite carrying case.
These Dienstglas are maker coded ' bmk' for the firm ' Srb & Stys Fabrik Praziser Messinstrumente' & made in German occupied Prague , Czechoslovakia.
They also have the mark 'KF' (Kalterfest) meaning that they are cold resistant & also the 'Dienstglas 6 X 30 ' marking along with serial number '82563' & the graticule markings ' H/6400 ' . Leather strap is in good wearable order with date 1941 & waffenamt marking. Both oculars are fully adjustable as they should be & optics good. Some overall wear but a very decent pair. The black bakelite case is free from cracks or other damage & with pull tab to front totally intact . Both leather belt loops to rear are undamaged.
A good set.

Code: 9323

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