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WW2 German Webbing Y Straps

A pair of the scarce webbing Y straps initially issued for tropical use however also in the North West Europe theatre by various German troops as the war progressed.
A well used pair that would be ideal for a combat mannequin display they have all of their original fittings still present including front supporting hooks & rear pack loops. The often missing back strap is totally original & also with its grey painted steel support hook. Leather yoke intact. At the front of the straps there is one inner reinforcement repair where the outside webbing has frayed , only noticeable on close inspection & certainly would not be visible on a mannequin setup. All of the metal fittings are correct & original.
Seen much in use by SS troops of the Hitlerjugend in the Normandy fighting these will look fantastic on a used dot suit display.

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WW2 German Mg 34/42 Waffenmeister Tool Kit Box

A very nice example of the rare folding German MG tool box folding kit for the Waffenmeister contained within an ordnance tan MG tin that has the weapon number handpainted to lid.
This green folding steel kit opens out into two parts with position of each tool shown in white. A waffenamt marking is visible to the bottom corner of the set. Each end of the tin is marked ' Patrkast 41 F MG ' . Much of the accumulated dust & dirt from years of storage still remains on the tin , I have made no attempt to clean this off.

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WW2 British '37 Pattern Battledress

A fabulous condition example of the '37 pattern battledress with pleated concealed brass dished button pockets.
This battledress still retains its calico clothing label which read ' BATTLEDRESS,SERGE S.D , Size No 9 '. It is dated 1942 & made by Stark Brothers Ltd of Salford . There is no moth at all just one small hardly noticeable 1cm cut to collar which I have photographed. One replaced button to top of front fly. Now very hard to find .

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WW2 German Red Cross Sign

A painted wall sign of the German Red Cross with weathering & age to exterior from its extended use outside of a building in France.
Measures 12.5 inches X 14 inches & has a thickness of 2.5 cm.

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WW2 French 1940 ' Battle Of France' Prisoner of War Uniform Grouping

A uniform grouping to a French soldier who was captured during the 1940 Battle for France .
Instantly recognisable as having been pencilled onto the tunic are the initials ' K G ' for the German word 'Kriegsgafanen' ( Prisoner Of War ) so that the prisoner could be recognised as such in the case of his escape. Many of the 1.8 million French prisoners captured during the Battle for France in 1940 were initially held at camps in France however due to many escapes were soon relocated into Germany as the war raged on.
The ' Vareuse' (tunic) itself is an early model of the 1920 pattern with seven buttons & leather reinforced equipment hooks to each side . These were still being worn during the Battle For France as they were on issue to all French troops with the exception of Colonials. All insignia was removed from the collar in captivity however the original buttons remain to front fly all being Paris maker marked. The pantaloons are of the standard issue 1933 model & are very well used with holes ! Completing the set is the forage cap with front section of the cloth removed most likely so it could be worn down in the cold.
An interesting group & portraying the plight of most French soldiers in the turmoil of 1940.

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WW2 German Matching Numbers K98 Bayonet.

A WW2 K98 bayonet coming completely as found still in its black leather frog & with matching numbers to bayonet & scabbard.
This bayonet has maker mark '42cof' to ricasso for the firm Carl Eickhorn in 1942 & the serial number 2496. Both wood grips are in excellent order with working pommel catch & waffenamt markings to pommel top edge & scabbard tip.
I have made no attempt to clean this very nice untouched piece of German WW2 weaponry.

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WW2 British MkII Steel Helmet 1940

A very good British army MkII steel combat helmet dated 1940 with rough khaki paint finish to exterior & smooth brown khaki paint to underside.
Underside of rim is marked & dated ' J.S.S ' for the firm 'Joseph Sankey & Sons ' with clear 1940 date. This firm only made the helmet from 1938 -1941. The liner cradle is marked 'JCS & W Ltd ( J.Compton Sons & Webb Ltd , London ) . Web chinstrap intact & with elasticity remaining. Becoming very hard to find nice untouched British MkII helmets now.

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WW2 German Signallers Tornister

The distinctive German fur covered Tornister pack with front opening main compartment for issue to signals troops. Commanders of such teams were issued packs with no numbers as is the case here. Other issues of this pack had numbers 1, 2 or 3 to indicate what was carried within them.
A complete example with both straps to rear marked ' Max Fischer Halle II/21 ' . There is a very faint marking to rear of pack which appears to be a three letter maker code of 'fug' with year 1942 although this is barely discernible. Pack has various compartments for signals related equipment with leather tabs for equipment straps to sides & fur front.
In fantastic condition with most fur remaining.

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WW2 Womens WAAF Sign From Rest Room Door

Wartime womens services sign for ' WAAF' & 'ATS' girls rest room.
Nice painted souvenir sign taken off of a door.
Measures 15inches X 4inches.

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WW2 German Gas Mask In Canister With Long & Short Straps

A WW2 German gas mask with carrying tin, spare lenses & original long & short straps.
Gas mask is of the black rubberised M38 model with blue painted snout & eyepieces to show that these are made of non magnetic iron thus non disruptive to instruments. Both eyepieces are 1944 dated. The filter is of the FE41 model with clear eagle & swastika markings & maker code 'bwz'. Carrying tin has much of its original green paint remaining with three letter code 'ebu' & date '44' to spare lense compartment. Both carrying straps are 100% original & have leather reinforcement tongues to stress points. Interesting point to note is the use of a small part of a gas mask head strap stitched around the lower metal loop to prevent wear of the webbing short strap fastened over the top ( See images ) .
A classic German infantry gas mask set.

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