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WW2 French M26 Infantry Combat Helmet

A good M26 French infantry combat helmet with 'RF' embossed flaming grenade badge to front for infantry troops.
This helmet has much of its original green/khaki factory paint to exterior of shell with both top comb & badge still firmly affixed. The brown leather chinstrap is totally original to the helmet with brass kepper stud & black painted buckle. The black multi piece liner is complete with original tightening lace & is secure to its fixing brackets. The maker name of ' Industrielle Marseille ' is visible to the interior crown of the helmet . There is some faint handwriting to underside of rim in pencil relating to a soldiers name.
A very clean textbook example.

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WW2 British MkII 'Tommy' Helmet From The Dunkirk Issue Period 1938/39

An early production MkII British 'Tommy' helmet with 1938 dates to chinstrap lugs & 1939 date to shell.
Helmet has the typical smooth khaki factory paint finish to exterior & underside with maker initials 'J.S.S ' & the date '1939 ' . The early oval dome pad is fitted with 1939 date to liner cradle. Webbing chinstrap intact.
With some light wear overall this helmet is in very nice condition.

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WW2 British No.38 Radio Set

Scarce No.38 ( MkII) wireless set introduced for infantry & Airborne troops in 1942. The webbing cradle on this set is in fact broad arrow marked & dated 1942.
Nearly a complete set here including the following components :

1. Wireless Set 38 MkII
2.Wireless Set Webbing Cradle 1942 Dated
3.Throat Microphone
4.Headphones DLR No.5
5.Signals Satchel ( 1941 )
6.Junction Box No.2
7.Battery Connector & Cable

All in excellent condition.

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WW2 Russian SSh40 Combat Helmet

A scarce original example of the Russian SSh40 combat helmet with the not often encountered hammer & sickle within red star insignia still visible to front of the helmet .
In the typical wartime green of Russian manufacture it is complete with the remains of its three pad liner system & also the totally correct web chinstrap arrangement secured with rivet studs , as they should be for wartime manufacture. The chinstrap is complete however was at some point cut when in the fastened position so may have been cut off when being worn to treat a casualty.
The liner pads are partially present & made of thin 'oil skin' with the typical blue back & felt or cloth strip over the securing arms. Remains of well worn black ink markings can be seen to the interior of the shell with a number within star marking denoting the factory of production.
Overall a very well used untouched helmet of the Russian army & a very hard piece to find now.

Code: 9244

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WW2 French M26 Infantry Helmet

A super 'straight out of the woodwork' French M26 model Adrian helmet as worn by French troops during the Battle For France from May to June 1940.
I have left this helmet totally uncleaned with the cobwebs & dust still in place to the interior. The khaki paint finish to the shell remains largely intact with the 'RF' embossed 'Republique Francais' badge of the infantry totally original to the helmet. This badge is the model carried over from the WW1 M15 helmet still used on the later Adrian until gradually replaced by the M37 roundel badge pattern. The top comb is firm with all rivets present. Leather chinstrap with its brass stud & black painted buckle is still on the helmet as it was found. By careful examination of the crown underneath the liner we can see the black ink name of the well known maker ' JAPY' . Liner is all present & still well fixed to clip spring system utilised on these M26 models.
A handwritten partially visible name in pencil of ' ANDRE ' can be seen written to the inside wall of the shell.
A super time capsule helmet from France.

Code: 9236

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WW2 British Broad Arrow Marked 1940 Dated Toothbrush

Very rare British army issue 1940 dated toothbrush.
Marked to its bone handle 'ADDIS-HERTFORD 1940' with broad arrow.
This toothbrush came together with some other kitbag found personal effects listed seperately.

Code: 9232

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WW1 Brodie Helmet With Insignia

A superb untouched named WW1 Brodie helmet with insignia to the front believed to for the Wiltshire Regiment. There is also a horizontal yellow flash to the side most likely to be a Battalion flash of some sort.
Placed to the inside of the helmet is a very old piece of paper with handwritten note ' Steel helmet worn by T.M.LAWSON whilst on active service in France in 1918. ' Certainly lending itself to further research this piece of paper provenance was inside the helmet when purchased many years ago.
A well fielded Mark 1 helmet with edging to rim & rubber ring sewn into the crown padding this would date the manufacture to after May 1917. Chinstrap minus.

Code: 9239

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WW2 German MG Twin Basket Drums In Carrier 1942/43

Original German WW2 twin basket drums to hold two 50 round belts of 7.92 ammunition in their original carrier which is eagle & swastika waffenamt marked ' & '43' dated.
The German red oxide paint undercoat is visible under both drums as well as an ordnance tan paint finish now overpainted in a green grey on one drum & grey on the other & the carrier. . This colour is typical of wartime weapon related equipment.
The wartime three letter maker code & '42' date can be clearly seen to one with the other bearing a now illegible marking under the paint.
These sets were carried inside vehicles such as the VW Kubel, Schwimwagen etc.
Not a postwar manufacture & a hard set to find now.

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WW1 German G98 Cartridge Pouch Pair 1915

A very good pair of the WW1 German M1909 G98 cartridge pouches with brass fittings .
Both pouches are intact & free from damage with 1913 date to one & 1915 to the other . Brass fittings started to be replaced by iron in 1915 as with many other German items. First pouch has the maker name 'A.DAHL, BARMEN' to reverse with a 'B.AVIII 1913' marking to underside of middle pouch flap. Second pouch has a 'COLN' maker name with 1915 date .
Both pouches are complete with spacers for charger clips & have some overall even wear as would be expected from a combat used pair of pouches.

Code: 9224

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WW1 French M15 Artillery Adrian

A very good Artillery Adrian helmet of the M15 model.
This helmet displays its original crossed cannons with flaming grenade badge to front & top comb still firmly intact. We can deduce by the lack of rivets to the side of the helmet that this is a Japy made helmet with early one piece liner complete with original drawstring. The liner band is of unusual white & brown patterned material totally original to the period as offcuts of uniform cloth were used including dark blue uniform cloth , red trouser material & also that of the Horizon blue issue. A size mark appears to front of liner .
A very good amount of its midwar dark blue overpaint still remains.

Code: 9228

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