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WW1 British 2 PDR Round 1917 ( Common Pointed Round )

A 1917 dated 2 Pounder common pointed round in near perfect condition.
Case is dated 1917 with 'VSM' mark for Vickers , Sons & Maxim. Head is marked ' AB 99 ' .
The head is capable of being removed & the inside inspected to show it as inert & FFE.

*** Sorry I cannot send to Scotland,Ireland or outside of the UK ***

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WW1 German P'08 Luger Holster

An early wartime production WW1 Imperial German brown leather luger holster with Dresden maker mark & regimental marking to underside of flap.
The early manufacture of this piece can be determined by the use of two pieces of leather being used to construct the rear panel with the top right corner being an offcut from another piece. This piece bears the number '84' & may be a weapon number from another item of equipment. The maker name of 'SATTLERJNNUNG , DRESDEN' is clearly stamped to the body of the holster with the regimental mark above the loading tool pouch of what appears to be '3 E 13' & 'II' to the underside of the flap.
In good useable condition all fittings are 100% original & uninterfered with stitching still tight.

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French 1937 Pattern Infantry Staff Officer Kepi

A good Infantry officers kepi of the 1937 pattern being for an officer with the rank of Lieutenant. This example is typical of those that would have been wear by serving officers during the 1940 battle For France.
This kepi is similar to previous models however it has a slightly higher cylindrical body & minor differences to the knot as is typical of those made in the thirties. This kepi has a celluloid tailor sweatshield for that of ' Magasin Blanc ' . There is overall light wear with no moth damage .

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Belgian 2nd Infantry Lightweight Forage Cap With Ruhr Occupation Interest

A lightweight Belgian forage cap with number '2' for the Belgian 2nd Infantry .
This well used cap has had written onto it 'RUHR 22-23 II' referring to the occupation of the German Ruhr industrial heartland in 1923 which this soldier would appear to have been involved in .
Both Belgium & France were involved in this little known invasion the reasons for which seem still to be up for debate.

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WW1 British 1907 Pattern SMLE Bayonet

A 1907 pattern bayonet in clean condition & made by Wilkinson.
The date of issue has been poorly stamped however the reissue date of '19 can be seen to reverse side of ricasso so its prior issue must have been at some point in the WW1 period. Pommel catch working perfectly so will fit to an SMLE for display purposes.

***Due to new legislation I am only able to ship to a business address , proof of age also required***

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The Helmets Of France In WW1

A collection of French Adrian helmets in stock as well as a magnificent French M1872/1874 Dragoon helmet as worn August 1914 ....

Please enquire if you have any specific request re these .

Code: 9577


WW2 German ‘Etched Blade’ Kriegsmarine Dagger With Knot

A nice recently surfaced example of the Kriegsmarine officers dagger still with its original knot in place never having been off since its WW2 service.
An Eickhorn example it has an excellent ivory grip with all of its wire binding still intact. The crisp detailing to its pommel displays the undamaged swastika very well.
Blade displays the classic anchor & serpent design with a very clean & bright appearance overall.
Scabbard is extremely pleasing with a very high percentage of its original fire gilding remaining. Throat screws are present & totally untouched with no movement whatsoever to lozenge.
Silver knot is correctly tied to dagger with some corresponding age & wear evidencing its time with this dagger.
An excellent untouched example with only some light wear overall.

Code: 9537

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WW2 German DAK Tropical Waterbottle 1942

A nice combat example of the classic 'coconut' waterbottle originally designed for tropical use but often seen in use by German troops in European theatres also.
Designed to hold exceptional thermatic properties they were manufactured in aluminium then covered with a heat process involving wood & resin . The rear of the bottle is embossed with the maker markings & date 'HRE42' . All of the webbing straps are made of spun rayon canvas with metal tips to prevent fraying. All straps are in excellent condition with a totally intact black leather choker strap to neck holding all in place. The black bakelite cup is original & intact with bakelite marking. Some rust to metal tips of straps.
Overall a good field used example of the classic tropical issue waterbottle.

Code: 9534

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WW2 German Army Dagger With Hangers

A superb example of the German army officers dagger fresh to the collectors market & in excellent condition !
Made by Carl Eickhorn of Solingen with their famous squirrel motif to ridge of blade this dagger exudes quality & has been well looked after in family hands for many years. The beautiful orange grip is totally undamaged this complimenting the high silver content of the daggers metal fittings. The usual crispness of its ornate detail does not disappoint with its clean well finished scabbard being another added bonus. Blade excellent & with its correct crossgraining.
Hangers are quite excellent with all of its green velvet backing intact & only the most minimal amount of wear overall. Both DRGM marked clips & buckle are silver washed with beautiful oak leaves & acorns throughout.
A fabulous example.

Code: 9538

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WW2 German Iron Cross Second Class

A nice honest example .

Code: 9539

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