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WW2 RAF SD Trousers 1942

A very nice pair of the RAF Service Dress trousers officially referred to as on their label as ' Trousers Blue-Grey O.A ' ( Other Airmen ) .
With all brass dished buttons they are generally in very good condition with three small moth nips to their right side. Trousers have high waistband with War Department 'O' lettered inspectors code for the year 1942.
Becoming harder to find now.

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WW2 US Garand Cartridge Belt In Tan

A heavily used Garand cartridge belt in tan webbing with all of its charger divider straps still present.
The 'US' stamp is still visible to front pouch & there is one make fastener minus from this same pouch.
A nice used display example I cannot make out any dates or markings on the reverse.

Code: 10636

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WW2 British Commando Bergen 1942

A 1944 dated example of the scarce British Commando Bergen in tan often associated with those of mountain issue.
Complete with its metal support frame , all straps & buckles the top flap has a zip fastened pocket & the ink stamped broad arrow maker & date 'R.BURNS LTD 1942 ' are clearly visible to inside leather backing. In used condition there is general service wear with a period patch repair to front.
Widely associated with the Commando units who had them in Normandy & a classic item of British D Day equipment. One of the corner leather straps is away from the frame in bottom corner .

Code: 10648

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WW1 British KRRC France 1915 Officer Named Trench Periscope

A WW1 period tubular trench periscope that is named to a Major Milner of the Kings Royal Rifle Corps.
A prewar Scots Guards officer appointed Staff Captain (From retirement) on 22/11/15 , Milner landed in France 19/7/15 with the 10th Bn KRRC at Boulogne & was most likely part of an advance party ( Often experienced officers drawn from other regiments ) sent to setup billeting & other pre embarkation arrangements .
The periscope is very much a private purchase item & has maker marking ' Revluc, London ' to top & bottom. Lower viewing aperture pulls out when required & the entire piece is still in its original khaki brown paint. Measuring 64cm when fully extended the optics are still viewable.
Very nice Great War period piece.

Code: 10613

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WW2 German Luftwaffe Belt & Buckle

A Luftwaffe belt & buckle with blue painted leather tabbed steel buckle & '43 dated black belt leather.
Buckle is unmarked & with leather tab which shows wear. A good proportion of the dark blue luftwaffe paint is still present. The black belt leather is a size 95 with '43' date.

Code: 10616

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WW2 British Printed Pegasus Patch Pair

A pair of printed Airborne Pegasus shoulder patches in very good original condition.

Code: 10607

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WW1 French Forage Cap Pair ( M15 & M18 )

A pair of WW1 French forage caps ( Calot ) both being in the Horizon Blue & one of the M15 model & one of the slightly later M18.
These replaced the briefly worn M15 blue beret & were actually a prewar item reserved for off duty & work wear around the barracks. By the end of the war these were the most commonly worn item of off duty headwear . The earlier M15 model was produced with a centre fold as here & a bleached canvas headband whereas the later M18 was more simply produced & had no centre fold requiring less material to be used in its manufacture.
M15 has a few moth nips & the M18 quite heavily mothed with a ' Tremerel, Orleans' marking & what appears to be a size stamp of 52.

Code: 10610

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WW2 German Luftwaffe Belt & Buckle ( Aluminium )

A scarce large sized Luftwaffe belt & buckle in excellent condition.
The aluminum buckle is complete with its leather tab on which can be faintly seen the date 1940. Logo for the maker Gustav Brehmer is visible to inside edge of buckle , prongs intact. The grey steel tabbed belt leather is an uncommonly large sized 105 & still supple with no damage.
Overall a nice clean set.

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WW1 Imperial German M1909 Entrenching Tool Carrier

A WW1 Imperial German entrenching tool carrier of the 1909 model.
Standard issue to German soldiers as part of their field combat equipment the design of these was simplified as the war progressed.
In dark brown leather its early war manufacture is apparent by the two belt loops being integral to its skeleton frame. Buckle to strap section is intact.
A classic combat item.

Code: 10599

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WW1 French NCO Medics Kepi

August 1914 period French NCO kepi of a medic with 19th Section unit number to front.
Very much a private purchase piece of NCO quality this Kepi has red cloth body with dark blue cap band. White cord piping denotes that of medic with the unit number embroidered in red. Gilt balled
chinstrap buttons to side with black leather chinstrap intact. Black lined interior in very good order.
Overall excellent condition & only one very small hole to top .

Code: 10609

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