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Rare WW2 German Training Egg Grenade

The only example I have ever seen & practically unobtainable this is a training example of the German M39 egg grenade with the distinctive red painted & holed body similar to that of the stick grenade version.
An example is pictured on page 253 of the superb reference work 'Uniforms & Traditions of the German Army Vol III ' by Bender Publishing.
Pitted but with its original paint finish.

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WW2 USMC P17 'Forest Green' Wool Tunic

A very nice example of the United States Marine Corps heavy forest green wool tunic with 2nd Marines , 2nd Division insignia to arm.
These 'Forest Green' uniforms were worn by the USMC upon their arrival in France in 1917. Very much an early combat uniform they were being worn throughout the fierce fighting at Belleu Wood in June

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WW2 British Mickey Mouse Gas Mask

A nice example of the Mickey Mouse gas mask with red 12/40 dated facepiece & added green filter for protection against Arsine gas.
All of its rear blue harness straps are totally undamaged & intact & there is no cracking to lenses. Coming complete with its original instruction pamphlet entitled ' Anti-Gas Protection of Babies & Young Children' dated July 1939. Card box has instructions to lid & original carrying tape.

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WW2 British MKII Steel Helmet 1939

An exceptionally good example of the British MkII steel helmet , the standard issue British army helmet for the greater part of WW2.
This excellent piece has a high percentage of its original matt khaki finish to exterior with markings & date under the rim of 'ROCO 1939' ( Rubery Owens ) . The rexene liner has survived very well with liner cradle having visible 'VERO' maker marking & the matching date of 1939. Web chinstrap intact.

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WW2 British '08 Pattern 1940 Dated Waistbelt

In the early WW2 period Britain desperately needed to equip its rapidly growing army & with a large loss of British army equipment on the beaches of Dunkirk they used existing stocks of Mills Equipment '08 pattern webbing as well as those manufactured by Mills Wright & Sons .
This example is an MW & S made example with clear broad arrow & date of 1940. It has been blancoed in the classic British army pea green of the period & is a size Medium.
Of early war interest the 1940 dated examples of this stopgap webbing are not easy to find & are now collectable in their own right.

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WW2 British Leather Jerkin 1944

A 1944 dated leather jerkin in very excellent condition.
This amazingly hardly worn piece is from the later war period & has been constructed from several different pieces of leather in an attempt to save on materials in this crucial period. It is interesting to note that pieces of ' leather , camouflage ' have been mostly used in its construction. With an intact blanket lining the label gives clear date of 1944 & the maker ' Liverpool Motor Coat Co Ltd '. See image for sizes.

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WW1 Imperial German Luger Loading Tool

Luger loading tool in good condition.
DWM maked examples were unmarked as is the case with original piece.

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WW2 British '37 Patt. Royal Armoured Corps Webbing Belt

WW2 British '37 pattern webbing belt blackened for use by members of the Royal Armoured Corps.
Complete with all brass fittings the MECo markings are visible with partially obscured date that is most likely to be 1939.

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WW2 British No.4 Mk1 Spike Bayonet & 1942 Dated Webbing Frog

A British spike bayonet for the No.4 Mk1 Lee Enfield rifle the standard allied .303 rifle of the Tommy in NW Europe .
Marked with LB logo to socket for the American firm Longbranch the rear of the '37 pattern webbing frog is broad arrow MECo marked & 1942 dated.

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WW2 British Personal Items Grouping

A grouping of items for the British 'Tommy' small kit :

1. Button Stick
2. 'POMPEY' Hand Soap
3. 1940 Khaki Bandage
4. Soldiers Best Friend Paste . For Cleaning Web
5. Minora Razor Blades
6. Broad Arrow Marked Dubbin
7. Jack Knife
8. Shaving Brush
9. Razor '45 Dated
10. Soap Dish '45 Dated

The name 'POMPEY' on the handsoap is an English nickname for the place of Portsmouth .

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