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WW1 French Artillery 'Time Capsule' Adrian Helmet

The timeless expression 'straight out of the woodwork' was made for a helmet such as this ! An attempt to wipe away the years of accumulated age , dust , & minor surface rust would not only devalue it but also ruin its time capsule history , charm & pure individuality!
An early manufacture French M15 of artillery troops this helmet still comes with the piece of wire from which it hung in an outbuilding until now. The early factory issue light 'Horizon blue' paint finish can be seen in places with the midwar darker blue finish hand applied over the top. Complete with its original chinstrap the interior early one piece liner has used offcuts of the red infantry trouser material as backing. Newspaper has been folded down into the liner for extra fit or insulation .. this I have left undisturbed. The whole interior is filthy with all dust & spider corpses guaranteed original !

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WW2 British Army Ankle Boots 1940

A pair of excellent condition British army ankle boots dated 1940.
A size 9 Medium these have been very well cleaned & now appear like new. Clear markings to insoles giving manufacturer 'TRUE-FORM' , date 1940 & size '9M' .
Both are marked to neck ' W /I D ' & come complete with leather laces. .

Code: 9143

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WW2 British Matching 1943 Date No.2 Mk.III Binoculars & Webbing '37 Pattern Case

A pair of British military issue broad arrow marked X6 magnification binoculars made by Taylor-Hobson & dated 1943.
In excellent condition they have the red screws at bottom indicating that they are nitrogen filled to prevent misting of the lenses. Complete with their correct military issue webbing neck strap they are well marked to both shoulders. Right shoulder gives graticuling markings which can be seen clearly upon viewing . Optics good with some minor particulation .
Webbing case is marked to 'MECo' for the firm Mills Equipment Company & also dated 1943. Comes with '37 pattern carrying strap.

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WW1 US Pistol Magazine Pouch 1918

For the M1911 automatic pistol magazines maker marked Mills & dated 1918.

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WW1 US P13 Bayonet & Scabbard

A good example of the WW1 US P13 bayonet for the P14 rifle. Still in its green leather US made scabbard complete with the correct belt hooks for hanging on the American equipment belt. Bayonet has excellent wood grips with 1913 pattern date to ricasso & Remington maker logo. The issue date of ' 9 17' can be seen with '15' to reverse. Blade excellent.

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WW1 German Equipment Bag 1915

A distinctively German large equipment bag for horse equipment or tentage in grey canvas with brown leather fittings & German manufacturer mark ' KONSTANZ' & date 1915. Large brown leather hanging loop to rear .
Excellent condition.

Code: 9148

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WW2 British MK VIa Gas Mask Haversack Waist Belt

This is the waistbelt issued with the MK VIa haversack to keep it in the Alert position on the wearers side . Mostly used by crews such as Artillery personnel .
Used condition some rust stains.

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WW1 French NCOs' Kepi

A WW1 French NCOs kepi untouched , uncleaned & with some moth nips to body & top crown.
The Hungarian knot to top denotes rank with the gold chinstrap buttons denoting branch of service as infantry. Fine crazing to leather peak is typical of those from the period with soldiers initials mounted to sweatband .

Code: 9159

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WW2 US Cartridge Belt

A US cartridge belt from the late '43 period onwards in green OD7 shade.
The green versions such as here were seen in use by USMC troops serving in the Far east in the late war period . Of wartime manufacture each compartment has pop studded charger divider.
Webbing in good order with oxidisation to metal fittings.

Code: 9161

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Falklands War 1982 , Argentinian Army Camouflage Helmet

A classic Falklands war used Argentinian army helmet which was brought back from the Islands as a souvenir after the campaign.
This helmet is typical of the many seen in period photographs being worn by the Argentinian conscripts with winter parka hoods as camouflage covers as seen here. The ' Ejercito Argentina ' clothing label on the hood can be seen to the interior of the helmet with extensive weathering , grime & wear to its outside. The thick black rubber band has always been in place on the helmet & shows an unweathered freshness of colour to the covered areas underneath it. Helmet shell is an American made example , surplus stocks of US M1 shells were used, as well as their own in roughly equal quantities by their forces. Helmet liner shows typical Argentinian refurbishment to the liner band with new rivets & heavy wear inside.
A textbook one look Argentinian camouflage helmet that has come straight from the battlefield with an illegible roughly written in to the helmets interior.
I recently purchased this helmet from a Falklands war veteran who brought it back from the campaign & had kept it in the bottom of his old kitbag in the loft until now.

Code: 9126


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