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WW2 German Red/Brown Bakelite Gripped K98 Bayonet

A red/brown bakelite gripped K98 bayonet in excellent condition.
This example is ' W.K.C.' maker marked to ricasso for the maker ' Weyersberg,Kirschbaum & Cie ' . Scabbard marked '43 cul' .
Excelllent condition overall with high blued finish throughout.

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WW1 US Model 1917 Machine Gunners Bolo Knife

A scarce example of the Model 1917 machine gunners Bolo knife coming complete with original 1917 dated scabbard.
These knives with their bolo shaped blades were ideal for cutting dense foliage and digging machine gun emplacements & were manufactured as of 1917 for troops being sent to Europe. With a robust metal hilt & contoured wood grips a locking mechanism with release catch is integrated into the lower part of the handle. Made by Springfield Armoury with flaming grenade arsenal mark & marked with ' S A 1917 ' to one side of the ricasso there is the serial number & 'US' designation to the other.
Scabbard is constructed from canvas covered wood with a reinforced leather end that is marked ' Brauer Bros 1917 ' .
Blade excellent.

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WW2 British MkII Helmet 1943

A midwar production British MkII steel helmet with 1943 date to helmet shell & chinstrap lugs.
This helmet is finished in the green factory paint seen on later helmets with maker 'RO & Co' ( Rubery Owen ) & date 1943 to underside of rim. The 1943 date is very clear on chinstrap lugs. The liner never appears to have been out of the helmet being a 'VERO' marked 1940 production with second model cross crash pad. Chinstrap is of the elasticated MkIII variation seen on many WW2 British combat helmets from around the midwar period onwards.
A very good example.

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WW2 German K98 Bayonet 1938

A black bakelite gripped K98 bayonet with '38 dated blade & 'EuF Horster' marked ricasso. Pommel catch still working with almost all blueing remaining to blade.
Scabbard is marked '41fnj' for the firm Alexander Coppel & retains a good percentage of its original blueing. Waffenamt to pommel top edge & scabbard tip.

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WW1 French M1892 Pistol Holster

A WW1 issue French revolver holster of the M1892 pattern in dark brown/black leather & with what appears to be 1914 date to underside of closure flap.
These holsters were part of the French officers belt equipment in the early stages of WW1 & were soon replaced later on by a simplified version. Both ,however , continued to be used throughout the 14-18 war.
Very good scarce example with some age to metal buckles .

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WW1 French M1892 Musette Bag

A WW1 issue french musette bag of the M1892 model . Many of the equipment items in use by the French at the outbreak of WW1 were of models that preceded the 20th century . The musette bag was part of the belt equipment & carried the personal items & rations of the French infantry soldier.

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WW2 French 1935 Pattern Messtin With German Name & 1942 Date

A good example of the aluminium M35 model of French messtin with MMT maker to bottom & date 1942.
The German sounding soldiers name of 'METTENDORFF' can be seen scratched into the front certainly in the style of that which would appear on German examples so this piece may well have been German used.

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WW1 British SMLE Bayonet 1918

A very clean WW1 dated SMLE dated bayonet for the No1 MkIII Lee Enfield rifle.
Ricasso markings show Wilkinson maker & a first issue date of '1 18' ( January 1918 ) . There are no further reissue markings anywhere. In excellent condition with parkerised blade & good undamaged brown walnut grips . Much of this bayonets original blued finish remains throughout. Scabbard is very good with broad arrow to reverse , faint inspection markings & a date of '17 still visible.
Very nice set with working pommel catch.

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WW2 French M36 Anti Aircraft Troops ( DCA) Helmet

A rare French helmet from the early WW2 period being the Model 36 helmet for Anti Aircraft Troops ( Casque Modele 1936 Pour Personnel Des Unites De DCA ) .
These helmets , often referred to as the DCA helmet ( Defense Contre Aeronefs- Anti Aircraft ) , have a front padded brow & distinctive ear cut out to allow use of the headphones with which these units were equipped with. They were phased out by the end of WW2 & so surviving examples are rare.
This piece comes complete with its Mle 37 roundel badge of the Artillery totally original to the helmet & also its intact leather chinstrap fastened , as it came , to the rear of the helmet. The leather liner to interior shows light wear. Upon the interior crown of the shell can be seen the black ink stamped maker mark with 1939 date ' L.U.M 39 ' . The soldiers name ' NANCEAU' has been written onto the reverse of the brow pad.
Excellent piece & an importtant part of the history of the French Adrian helmet.

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Rare WW2 German Stick Grenade Rack ( Einsatz )

A rare second model rack for the retention of 15 stick grenades within their metal carrying case.
This racking was seperate from the case & was lifted in & out as required. It could be carried into combat holding the grenades without the case if necessary & has a wooden swivel handle similar to that on the metal cases to facilitate this. The handle here is original to the racking. The three compartment box at top held one box of 15 Brennzunder 24 & one box of 15 Sprengkapseln Nr.8 ( Detonators & Fuses ) .
Both the swivel handle & spring clips are fully functionable on this example with three of its wire clips minus to one side.
A rare piece of equipment those that do surface are only ever found in ground dug or water raised condition . This piece bears remnants of the red oxide paint finish & is pitted through age.


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