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WW2 German Named M31 Waterbottle 1940 Dates

A textbook early war German waterbottle with black aluminium cup & matching 'EEF' maker & 1940 date to felt cover , cup & screw cap.
An overall good example with no moth to cover & leather still supple.

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WW1 US M17 Helmet

Excellent textbook example of the WW1 American Brodie helmet complete with leather chinstrap & liner.
Outer helmet is in its totally original rough textured khaki finish which is mostly remaining.
Helmet shell has markings ' ZC 74 ' to rim underside with paper adjustment label to liner strap & faint ink stampings to underside of liner.

Code: 9900

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WW2 'Mickey Mouse' Childs Gas Mask With Original Instruction Leaflet Dated 1942

A nice example of the Mickey Mouse gas mask with blue filter & 12/41 dated snout.
All of its rear blue harness straps are totally undamaged & intact & no cracking to lenses. Coming complete with its original instruction pamphlet entitled ' Anti-Gas Protection of Babies & Young Children' . Card box has instructions to lid & original carrying tape. There are a couple of minor tears to the card .

Code: 9902

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WW2 British Air Raid Precautions Post Notice From Canklow, South Yorkshire

A lovely card hanger notifying of the local ARP Wardens Post at '39 West. PIll Box Canklow' which was in the Rotherham area , S.Yorks.
Notifies other relevant information to do with gas masks, lighting restrictions , fire precautions etc.

Code: 9910

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WW2 British Home Front Emergency Road Repairs' Armband

In very good unused condition.

Code: 9911

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WW1 US M1910 Cartridge Belt

A late war produced example of the US M1910 pattern cartridge belt for use by Dismounted troops.
Front right pocket flap has nomenclature on reverse with 'Mills' maker ink stamp & pattern dates back to '07 & 1915.
Overall good used condition.

Code: 9912

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WW1 British '14 Pattern Entrenching Tool Carrier 1915

One of the rarest components of the WW1 1914 pattern leather equipment is the entrenching tool carrier this piece being in excellent supple condition & 1915 dated .
An American made piece it displays the typical features of such a production these being the double cap rivets of nickel plated steel & the date 1915 with the American manufacturer name ' COOK'. Totally complete & with all original parts a reinforcing strip has been applied to the rear of the long fastening strap to increase its longevity these often becoming dry & brittle with age.
A practically unobtainable component of the legendary '14 pattern equipment set.

The decision to produce the new leather set to supplement the 1908 pattern webbing was made in early 1914 with the contracted requirement of one million sets being undertaken early on in 1914. Over sixty leather manufacturers were involved however due to the high demand needing to be met , it is estimated that as much as fifty percent of it was made by American firms these pieces being fundamentally the same with only minor manufacturing differences.

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WW1 German Ersatz ' Filzhelme' (Felt Pickelhaube ) Of Prussia From Dragoon Regiment 14.

I am very pleased to be able to offer a fabulous recently acquired ersatz felt pickelhaube with name tag to an 'Ersatz' Squadron of ' Kurm Drag. Regt Nr.14' ( Kurmarkisches Drag. Regt 14 ) . Although cavalry troops received their own Dragoon helmets these were still in short supply & so most only received the standard ersatz infantry issues such as seen here.
Ersatz felt pickelhaubes were first manufactured in 1914 with identical fittings in brass as the M1895 pickelhaube . This piece has front brass plate for Prussia with brass front visor trim & its original leather chinstrap & cockades still in place. An imprint of the edges of the plate sunk into the felt can be clearly discerned this evidencing its originality on this piece. The felt construction is interesting with thick felt mounts being present on the side on which the chinstrap lugs are mounted. Both cockades are 100% original. Interior of the helmet has a black leather lining complete still with its drawcord & all in excellent undamaged condition.
Although partially damaged the paper nametag present to the inside skull of the helmet reads ' Drag *** , Ersatz . Estadr ** Kurm.Drag.Regt. Nr.14 '. Therefore this pickelhaube belonged to a cavalryman from the Dragoon Regiment 14 who were raised in September 1866 & garrisoned in Colmar ( Elsass ) . They came under the command of XV Army Corps who fought on the Western Front throughout WW1 & were involved in such battles as the Battle of the Frontiers , Battle of Mulhouse & the First Battle of Ypres.
A stunning Ersatz piece in excellent undamaged condition & one that would be difficult to find again.

Code: 9888

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WW1 German Ersatz ' Filzhelme' (Felt Pickelhaube ) Of Prussia Named To A Dragoon Regiment

*** Extra pictures of item 9888 ***

Code: 9896


WW1 British '14 Pattern Water Bottle Carrier & Rare WW1 MkVI Water Bottle With Service Name & Number

A scarce untouched piece this early MkVI water bottle comes within its '14 pattern leather carrier & is a textbook example of how an early WW1 waterbottle set would have been issued to the British soldier.
We have two rare components here both having come together & as far as I can tell having never been apart. Firstly there is always much discussion regarding the true format of a correct WW1 issue waterbottle however there are several details that answer this question. The thick ';ginger' felted covers are made from a type of 'shoddy' cloth this being a cheap cloth made from wool which is chopped & then compressed into a felt type material. These are handstitched together & have no metal loop to the top for the cork string this being sewn to the cover only. These attributes should all feature in a true MkVI bottle this piece being such an example. Adding to its desirability there is a crudely handscrawled name & number to the reverse side of the felt which I believe could be read with some time & inclination to do so. The leather carrier itself is of British construction with the usual superimposed grained leather finish applied by a rolling process during manufacture. All fittings are firm with both brass equipment buckles intact & its brass securing b stud & fastening strap in perfect order. The initials ' R P ' are scratched into one of the front straps.
A rare textbook early war set to find & in very good condition.

Code: 9885

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