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WW2 German NCO Parade With Ersatz Staghorn/Wood Grip

An NCOS K98 parade bayonet as it came in its original frog with wood stag horn imitation grips.
The earlier models of these bayonets used real staghorn for their grips however later versions used the more obtainable wood imitations to create the same look as here. Made by Gustav Spitzer of Solingen with a beautiful bright clean blade & red felt mounting to pommel bayonet slot.

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WW2 British Mickey Mouse 'Childs' Gas Mask

A lovely example of the childs gas mask designed in these bright colours to appeal more to the young children who had to wear them.
Nicknamed the 'Mickey Mouse' gas mask this example has August 1939 date to nosepiece & 'AVON October 1939 ' to facepiece . The green filter was a slightly later addition to the civilian gas masks for protection against Arsine Gas.
No perishing to rubber on this excellent example however two of the straps are detached at one end. Comes in its original cardboard box which is specific for this mask. Box complete with carry straps & instructions to lid.

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WW2 British Commando Bergen 1942

A 1944 dated example of the scarce British Commando Bergen in tan often associated with those of mountain issue.
Complete with its metal support frame , all straps & buckles the top flap has a zip fastened pocket & the ink stamped broad arrow maker & date 'R.BURNS LTD 1942 ' are clearly visible to inside leather backing. In used condition there is general service wear with a period patch repair to front.
Widely associated with the Commando units who had them in Normandy & a classic item of British D Day equipment.

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WW2 US M1 Carbine Magazine Pouch & Two Magazines

Tan webbing carbine M1 magazine pouch with two magazines & two inert .30 rounds.
Pouch marked by 'RUBON K.C. ' & dated 1943.
*** Sale to within Great Britain only***

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WW1 French M15 Battle Damaged Infantry Adrian Helmet

A very nice early issue M15 Adrian.
This piece predates 1916 as it is still in its light blue factory paint & with one piece liner. Both paint finish & liner were changed in 1916. Many Adrian helmets can be found with various minor personalisations & field expedients such as here where the chinstrap from a kepi has been period fitted . Both ends of the kepi strap have been stitched onto the chinstrap lugs with the tightening system remaining intact. A small period affixed label bearing the numbers '473' can be seen to one of the liner tongues this being , typically, the last three digits of his army number.
Drawstring is still present to liner. A well used helmet there are several small dents to the exterior of the shell with an impact dent to the rear which appears to have come from a shell fragment or low calibre round fired at long range. The lack of rivets to the side skirt of the helmet indicates one produced by the firm 'JAPY' .
A very good untouched piece.

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WW2 German Army M40 Single Decal Helmet

A fabulous textbook M40 single decal army helmet coming complete with its original chinstrap.
This classic 'ET' made M40 army helmet is finished in rough textured grey green factory paint as per the 1940 regulations & bears the typical smooth curved wing 'ET' army decal associated with this maker. The decal remains impressively 95 % intact with swastika perfect. Helmet shell underside displays the manufacturer markings & size 'ET64' for the maker ' Eisenhuttenwerken' with the batch number '147' . Interior of the helmet has the expected zinc liner band dated 1941 with all pins undisturbed & this liner being 100% original to the helmet. Leather liner has all fingers intact & is complete with its original string. Chinstrap is as it came on the helmet with grey painted steel buckle & short strap securing stud. The marking 'bmd 41' is stamped to the pointed end with an uncommonly seen waffenamt marking above this.
An untouched German combat helmet that has without doubt seen action .

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WW2 German Artillery NCO Parade Bayonet With Named Leather Dress Frog

A German NCO parade bayonet with name & unit label to a Kanonier in the 75th Artillery Regiment to rear of scabbard.
This fine long bladed example is completely as found still in its patent leather scabbard with a good amount of its original plating remaining to pommel & hilt. The black checquered grips are undamaged & the blade is quite stunning with no pitting or age spots . The label to rear of scabbard is mounted onto what was a green felt backing & reads ' Kanonier Hopfgartner Stab II / Art Reg 75 ' . Pommel catch in working order.

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WW2 German Webbing Y Straps

A rare pair of German webbing Y straps with all of their correct metal fittings.
These Y straps are German made from British webbing captured at Dunkirk & are an example of the utilisation of captured British material reworked by the German military industry. Constructed using typically seen German production methods the buckles & equipment hooks are in steel with the D rings for attachment to the assault pack in aluminium. The often rotted leather yoke is still intact & overall this pair would adorn any German equipment display perfectly.

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WW2 German NCOs Parade Bayonet & Luftwaffe Frog

A fine NCOs parade bayonet by E.Pack & Sohne coming still in its brown luftwaffe leather frog .
Bayonet is in quite superb condition with undamaged black checquered grips & all of its original plating remaining. The E.Pack maker was the only manufacturer to use screw bolts on its grips as can be seen here. The blade is stunningly bright & clear & the scabbard with a high proportion of its black paint finish present. The brown leather luftwaffe frog is in excellent order.

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WW2 German Luftwaffe Dagger With Hanger & Knot

Good sleepy British soldier souvenired Luftwaffe 2nd Pattern dagger by SMF. Excellent totally undamaged orange grip still with its original knot attached as it came to me having much of its lustre remaining & with some fraying in places.
Aluminium fittings throughout, with steel scabbard & a fair amount of patina remaining to mounts. Good plated blade with only minor age spotting but overall very good. SMF maker with sitting down King logo & stamped number '5' Waffenamt surmounting.
Luftwaffe hanger is generally good with some typical age & as it came still on the dagger.
A good untouched bringback example.

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