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German Reichswehr Silvered Sports Badge In Bronze

This early DRL Badge is the first style made, without the swastika. It is a fine silvered example featuring an oval wreath of overlapping oak leaves surrounding the pierced and intertwined letters "DRL".

The reverse of the badge is marked "Ernstein, Jena". Pin intact.

An 'E.WERNSTEIN' marked example of the Sports badge .

Code: 10434

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WW2 French Army 'Battle For France' Period Model 35 Musette Bag

Most French troops engaged in the 1940 Battle for France were equipped with the Model 1935 equipment this being a newer version of that worn in WW1. Part of the equipment was the musette bag in which the soldier carried personal kit , clothing & ammunition etc.
Made of leather edged heavy khaki canvas it has two additional front pockets in which magazines for the FM 24/29 Light Machine Gun could be carried . All buckles , tabs intact & complete with carrying strap.

Code: 10424

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WW2 German Italian Campaign Camouflage M40 Single Decal Luftwaffe Helmet

An M40 luftwaffe helmet with spray painted tan camouflage overpaint typical of those worn in the Italian theatre of operations by German combat troops.
This Quist made size 64 helmet first received the blue grey textured factory paint according to 1940 specifications with the tan camouflage overspray applied upon his Mediterranean deployment. This has been evenly applied with a couple of thick runs of the paint from the spray gun visible upon close examination. The second pattern luftwaffe eagle is of the dotted wing type typical of a Quist made example. This was initially oversprayed then later very carefully exposed revealing a very high remaining percentage of it in its entirety. All three of the liner pins are with matching tan camouflage paint & undisturbed on both the exterior & interior of the shell. Helmet shell bears the maker & size markings 'Q64' with lot number ' 1957 ' . The Brian Ice reference gives an exact matching zinc banded ( As here ) SD example . Liner band is 1940 dated. Leather liner is intact with a crossed out name handwritten to the rear . All fingers are undamaged with original drawstring intact. Chinstrap is a 100% original example which came on the helmet with aluminium buckle .
Overall a fabulous camouflage piece typical of the Italian campaign.

Code: 10394

2275.00 GBP

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WW2 German Italian Campaign Camouflage M40 Single Decal Luftwaffe Helmet

More pictures of item 10394.

Code: 10413


WW2 'Mickey Mouse' Childs Gas Mask With Original Instruction Leaflet Dated 1939

A Mickey Mouse gas mask with red 1941 dated facepiece .
All of its rear blue harness straps are totally undamaged & there is no cracking to the lenses. Coming complete with its original instruction pamphlet entitled ' Anti-Gas Protection of Babies & Young Children' dated July 1939. Card box has instructions to lid & original carrying tape.
Some tears to cardboard box although totally correct with instructions to top opening flap & its underside .

Code: 10395

75.00 GBP

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WW2 British Commando Bergen

A heavily used condition Europe recovered example of the British Commando bergen .
Ideal mannequin display piece.

Code: 10397

85.00 GBP

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WW2 British Ankle Gaiters Matching 1944 Dated Pair

Pair of matching webbing gaiters dated 1944 & with maker stamp J & A & A Size 3.
Steel buckle as per late war manufacture.

Code: 10400

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WW1 British Canvas Bucket 1918

A canvas WW1 British army bucket with broad arrow WD marking , maker & 18 date.

Code: 10404

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WW2 Home Front - ' Pocket First Aid Ready Reference ' & First Aid In The Home Book

Both wartime Home Front manuals on First Aid with some interesting line drawings & demonstrative photographs of the period.

Code: 10409

25.00 GBP

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WW2 US Army M1VA1 Gas Mask Bag

For use with the service or diaphragm gas mask from 1941 onwards this is the M1VA1 bag complete with all straps & markings to front lower edge.

Code: 10410

60.00 GBP

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