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Falklands War 1982 Argentinian Belt Equipment Riflemans Set

Green leather Argentinian riflemans set of equipment including waistbelt , shoulder braces & two magazine pouches for the FN FAL rifle.
A set offered as it was brought back from the Islands after the campaign.

Code: 10022

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WW2 British Public Air Raid Shelter Sign ( Scarce Yellow Version )

Rare 100 % original Public Air Raid Shelter sign in black on yellow enamel with left pointing directional arrow & wording ' PUBLIC SHELTER' .
Marked with the name ' CHROMO' WOLVERHAMPTON to bottom right hand corner .
In overall very good condition .

Code: 10014

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WW2 Argentinian Battle Damaged Combat Helmet From Mount Longdon

An Argentinian combat helmet that has a bullet exit & entry hole from front to rear & a handwritten label cellotaped to the front of the helmet reading ' Mount Longdon 12-7-84' .
Acquired from the Mount Longdon area on a visit two years after the conflict in July 1984 it is testament to the vicious fighting that took place there between ( In the main ) Argentinian troops of the 7th Infantry regiment & 3 Para . The bullet damage has passed through the shell & liner on both sides. After being brought back it hung in a pub for a while before changing hands. Helmet shell is an American produced example purchased by Argentina from surplus stocks with a green paint finish. The number '195' is painted to the inside . The liner shows typical Argentinian refurbishment with crude rivetting of the webbing system being typical. There is rust to the metal of the liner system with some decay to the webbing where left exposed to the elements for some time.

This helmet comes from a recently rediscovered private collection I have just purchased of Argentinian items that were gathered from Falklands veterans in the 1980s' & 1990s'.

Code: 10015

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WW2 Argentinian Battle Damaged Combat Helmet From Mount Longdon

More pictures of Item 10015.

Code: 10024


WW2 US M43 Jacket

A WW2 US M43 jacket as seen in the European theatre worn by US Airborne troops from around late 1944 onwards.
A very good example with both of its labels intact although the date is difficult to discern. A size 40R & with no rips or tears.
The M1943 field uniform was first evaluated by units of the 3rd Infantry Division on the Anzio Beachead in the summer of 1943. However the M43 field uniform was first issued in quantity to airborne units in the European Theatre of Operations in late 1944.

Code: 10004

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WW2 British Police ' Blitz' Helmet

A WW2 British ' POLICE' steel helmet such as was worn by Britains Police officers during the Blitz of 1940. Coming complete with chinstrap.

Code: 10002

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WW2 British Crew Gas Mask With Long Hose

WW2 British crew gas mask with long pipe to facilitate wearing at the back by gun crews etc when frontal wear was impractical . Comes complete with '41 dated Outfit Anti Dimming & '44 dated pack of Anti Gas Eyeshields.
Black rubber facepiece & hose in excellent condition with no perishing or damage . 1942 date to facepiece & filter.
Haversack has soldiers name & number ' N.JAMES 1880206' .

Code: 10005

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French Foreign Legion Officers Kepi

A French Foreign Legion Kepi from the immediate post WW1 period with officers gold rank braid to crown for that of second lieutenant. Other officer features include the Hungarian knot to top & gold chinstrap. The officers gilt side chinstrap buttons are both embossed with ' Legion Etrangere' & the gold silver wire insignia is present to front. Interior is finished in quality red satin with leather size adjustable headband .
Overall in good condition with a couple of moth nips here & there & some cracking to underside of brim.

Code: 10007

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WW1 British/Belgian 1913 Dated Webbing Bag

An unblancoed webbing haversack in the same size as the smallpack having only two buckles to rear for the carrying strap which appears to have always been with it. Underside of flap is Mills Equipment marked & dated ' MECO 1913' .
There is a a rodent hole to rear of the bags covering flap.

Code: 10012

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WW2 French M44 Boots ( Ideal For Mannequin Display On German Or French Setup Etc )

A pair of the French M44 pattern combat boots in very nice worn condition that would be ideal for a mannequin display of French or German soldier ).
Complete with laces & studs to soles.

Code: 10011

85.00 GBP

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