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WW1 German M16 Helmet Shell With Chinstrap Buckles

A WW1 German M16 helmet shell as recently 'shed found' & still with its two brass chinstrap buckles affixed to the posts inside & one liner rivet to left side.
There is alot of charactor to this helmet it being slightly more appealing than the usual 'relic' found examples.
Maker & size marked ' BF62' to the underside of the rim for the firm ' B.F. 64 ' for 'F.C. Bellinger' it makes for a fabulous WW1 trench display or shelf piece.

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WW2 British 5th North Staffs Anti Aircraft Home Guard Battledress 1940

A fabulous 100% originally badged 1940 dated '37 pattern battledress to a member of the 5th Battalion, North Staffs Home Guard who were serving as Anti Aircraft personnel protecting American troops in the area just prior to the D Day Landings.
A large sized BD this example has clothing label stating it was made by 'Universal Clothing Co ( Kingsland ) Ltd , EC1 London ' .
All of the insignia is very crudely soldier hand applied with thick khaki thread of the period, it is always interesting to note the different styles of 'soldiers sewing' original battledress. Both sleeves have embroidered Home Guard shoulder titles with printed 'NS 5' patches & the badge of the Anti Aircraft Command. This man was also a veteran of the first world war as indicated by the War & Victory medal ribbons to left breast.
In overall excellent condition this battledress only recently surfaced & is a true 'sleeper' in every sense of the word.

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WW2 German A Frame Bag 1944

An excellent condition maker marked & 1944 dated A frame bag with all straps & fastenings intact.

Code: 9693

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WW2 German Near Mint MG34/42 Tin 1941

A fabulous condition 1941 dated German MG tin for the MG34 machine gun also used later on with the MG42 which used the same 7.92mm ammunition belts.
In its 100% original ordnance grey finish the red aluminium oxide undercoat can be seen in places underneath this. The top carrying handle is complete with its black leather friction tabs with the two brown leather friction tabs still present to side carrying mounts. With a beautifully engineered undamaged opening latch the date '1941' cane be seen to top with a waffenamt marking also present.
Very hard to find in this condition.

Code: 9694

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WW2 German Luftwaffe Brown K98 Cartridge Pouch

A 1936 dated luftwaffe issue K98 cartridge ammunition pouch.
In the distinctive chocolate brown of early luftwaffe issue leather equipment it is complete with all internal dividers & has aluminium fastening studs & metal fittings to all intact. The rear of the pouch is marked to the maker ' CARL ACKVA, LEDERFABRIK, BAD KREUZNACH ' with date 1936.

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WW2 British 1940 Cavalry Pattern Webbing Cartridge Pouch 1940

Scarce 1940 pattern cavalry webbing cartridge pouch designed by Mills Equipment in the early WW2 years to cater for the anticipated use of horse mounted soldiers which in the event did not quite transpire.
The set comprised a pair of three pocket cartridge carriers with internal ammunition retaining straps on each , a waistbelt & two shoulder straps, this pouch is marked 'MECo 1940' .
In excellent condition this a rare pouch from Britains early WW2 webbing evolutionary days.

Code: 9701

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WW1 Imperial German Belt Equipment Set

A set of Imperial German belt equipment as would have been worn by a German infantryman in WW1 coming with everything other than the bayonet & frog was no longer on it when found.
Belt is dated 1915 & has the grey steel M15 buckle for Prussia .. There are the unit markings ' 8 K 16 ' also to the belt leather with both of its brown M1909 cartridge pouches maker marked & 1916 & 1918 dated respectively. Both cartridge pouches have depot markings (please see images) . Breadbag comes still on the belt as well as the ersatz pressed paper covered waterbottle , the whole set is in used condition & with age from years of storage.
Still quite supple leather to all components & apart from uncleaned in very good condition overall.

Code: 9682

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WW1 German M17 Helmet With Original Chinstrap

A very nice unmessed with & untouched WW1 German M17 helmet complete with liner & its original chinstrap still attached.
Much of this helmets original factory green paint finish is remaining to inside & out with the maker mark & size to shell 'Si 62' for the firm ' Eisenh├╝ttenwerk Schlesien Paruschowitz/ Oberschlesien ' . The metal liner band is tight to the shell with all three liner pins totally unmolested & 100% original to the helmet. All three of the cream leather pads still have their cushions with some tears to the forehead pad which is minus its two fingers. The excellent original leather chinstrap is an early example with brass buckles & post brackets that were overpainted in grey in line with the new M15 grey colour of the pickelhaube. With some light surface age I have made no attempt to clean the shell leaving it completely as it was recently found.

Code: 9673

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WW1 French 89th Infantry Colonel Kepi

A fabulous high quality French high ranking infantry officers kepi of the 89th regiment famous for their actions attached to the 10th Infantry Division at such battles as The Marne & The Somme.
This high quality private purchase example has a Paris tailor logo to interior & is of the 1873/83 model worn right up to the beginning of WW1 by French officers. It is in the early 'Saumur' style with sunken crown & also the thick gold rank braids & early Hungarian officers knot to top. The gold infantry officers chinstrap is present underneath the black leather gold edged dress chinstrap fitted over the top. Gold infantry buttons to side. Interior of the kepi has a black leather gold decorated sweatband with green leather underside to visor.
In remarkably good condition there are two small matchstick head sized moth nips to the right side black band.

Code: 9667

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WW2 British Early War Aluminium Matching Messtin Set 1939

Rare set of early British issue aluminium messtins both broad arrow & maker marked 'N.C.J.LTD 1939 /I' .
These were used by British troops in the early days of WW2 at such actions as Dunkirk & the Fall of France.
Both in very good condition.

Code: 9680

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